Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Vehicle Downtime is Inevitable....

Vehicle downtime is inevitable... for this reason, Fleetwest offers 100% transferable truck bodies that are built to outlast multiple trucks.  These are fully transferable that eliminate the need to tediously unload tools and equipment only to reload them onto the replacement pickup truck.  We have 3 steel truck bodies that can be transferred from one truck to another.  So there is no need to move anything but the body itself with all your tools inside.

  • Easy & convenient
  • Saves you money
  • Reduces downtime
  • Work more efficiently
This transfer can be easily and successfully completed with the use of lifting jacks, a forklift or a crane in a matter of minutes! So next time your fleet vehicle is down or in the shop for repairs or maintenance, you won't have to worry about lost revenue and increased downtime on the job.

With the Fleetwest transferable truck body, you can rest assure that your toolbox is not just built to last, but to outlast!

We have companies that are on their 5th or more truck with the same transferable truck body!
Let Fleetwest show you how to start adding years to the lifecycle of your service vehicles by calling 480-736-8800 for more information or request a quote at:

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Loading Fleetwest LNG'N'GO Transferable Fixed Top Truck Body onto Truck

We will have many of these ready for purchase at the beginning of December.  Call our office to reserve yours.  480-736-8800

Supply of Fixed Tops Coming in Early December

End of 2023 is coming upon us....how this year has flown by.  We will have many Fixed Top Truck Bodies in stock at the beginning of December. 

Call our office at 480-736-8800 to get yours reserved or request a quote for one at:  Request a quote

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Flexibility Is The #1 Reason For A Fleetwest Slip-On Truck Body

Our Fixed Top Slip-On Truck Body is also the Ultimate Pickup Truck Tool Box, and it fits most 6.5’ and 8’ truck beds - Ford, GM, Dodge/RAM, Toyota, and Nissan.

Transferable even while fully loaded with equipment
• On and Off your truck quick and easy
• “No holes drilled” mounting
• Safely secures cargo in the bed
• Solid fixed-top safely secures cargo in the bed
• 16 gauge steel construction
• Lightweight design will work in ½ ton pickup truck
• Rugged 2000 lb. capacity deck
• Oversized double-locking side compartments
• Leave your tailgate on
• Eliminates downtime
• One truck can be used for multiple operations
• Built to outlast multiple vehicles
The images below show several options to suit a wide variety of uses and needs.
Call us at 480-736-8800 today for more information and availability. www.fleetwest.net

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Work Smarter, Not Harder


When you’re building a work truck, there are numerous specs that need to be factored correctly to avoid costly oversights.  Make sure you consider a vehicle’s operating guidelines and payload requirements.  A smart fleet manager should talk with the people in the field to understand what type of service the vehicle is expected to perform and how it needs to be used.  During that discussion with the technicians, you may discover problems that they have encountered in their everyday use that may have been over looked.

It’s not uncommon to uncover issues with insufficient tool storage or lack of bins, limited visibility, loading height restrictions and poor payload distribution.  It is essential to understand how a vehicle will be loaded and unloaded.  Do they need drawers, ladder racks or even slide out trays?

With a Fleetwest service body we have the innovative solutions to create the ideal work truck so you can work smarter, not harder!   Fleetwest transferable truck bodies not only can help with organization and make you more efficient, but it can also make for a safer work environment.   Our Fleetwest transferable truck bodies can be equipped with a list of options such as:

  •         Slides make accessing supplies easy and painless
  •         Cabinets/shelving with side access provide organized storage to keep track of inventory
  •         Drawer dividers in various sizes to help with proper tool storage
  •         Ladder / material racks for easy accessibility
Call 480-736-8800 with any questions or request a quote at: https://www.fleetwest.net/get-a-quote/


Friday, October 20, 2023

Transferability Changes Everything!


Fleetwest has slip-on truck bodies that can be transferred to other trucks while loaded.  You can even take off your truck body and leave it at a job site with our optional jacks.  This will allow your tools to stay locked and safe. Protecting your valuable cargo in a slip-on truck body makes so much financial sense. Our double locking doors and side compartments provide the security you need to prevent theft. We have 3 different  models to choose from:

·  Fixed Top

·  Open Bed

·  Sportsman

They all fit most standard long-bed and short-bed models. You can transfer them in minutes with our no holes drilled installation.

Transferable truck bodies are just as the name suggests, transferable service bodies that are not bolted into the pick-up truck bed but rather clamped to the bed rails. A rubber mat is placed on the bed of the pick-up to prevent the service body from moving in the bed. Transferability changes everything!

Visit our website at:https://www.fleetwest.net/ .   For more information call our office at 480-736-8800.  You can also request a quote at: https://www.fleetwest.net/get-a-quote/ .



Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Prevent Downtime


Downtime is always going to be a challenge; however, Fleetwest offers an innovative solution to this problem. When you own a Fleetwest truck body and your work truck is in need of repairs, you simply transfer the truck body, fully loaded, to another pickup truck bed via forklift, crane or lifting jacks. The technician now has full access to his tools and equipment and able to move forward with his days’ work. When the needed repairs have been made, the service body is then transferred back into the original work truck. All executed in a matter of minutes with a no-holes drilled installation. Transferability changes everything!

You have many choices to pick from our steel truck bodies:

·         Fixed Top

·         Open Bed

·         Sportsman


For more information, you can call our office at 480-736-8800 or request a quote at: 

https://www.fleetwest.net/get-a-quote/ .  You can also visit our website at: https://www.fleetwest.net/.  We look forward to hearing from you!