Tuesday, December 11, 2018

121 Ways to Save Fuel: Tires

Find your Ideal Tire Pressure:
Under inflation kills not only tires, but also fuel economy. A tire under inflated by 10% can result in 20% increase in rolling resistance, and a corresponding drop in fuel economy.
It’s hard to imagine giving up  2-4% in fuel efficiency to something as simple as maintaining correct inflation pressure.
Improper inflation bites you in two ways: It reduces the ability of the tire sidewall to support the load on the tire, which increases the degree to which the sidewall will flex; and it changes the footprint or contact patch of the tire.
“It is not the tire, but the air inside it that supports the load,” says Guy Walenga, Bridgestone director of engineering, commercial products and technologies. “And it is the air inside the casing that keeps that casing the right shape.”
Having a transferable service body from Fleetwest is one way to increase your fuel economy in your pickup work truck. Fleetwest offers fiberglass units that are ergonomically engineered and lightweight to reduce fuel consumption. 
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