Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Right Tool for the Job

When it comes time to up fitting a work truck, there are a few things to consider. Accessories, Accessories, Accessories! Not only can they help with organization and make you more efficient, but it can also make for a safer work environment. With a Fleetwest service body we have the innovative solutions to create the ideal work truck so you can work smarter, not harder!

Durashell 175LP by Fleetwest
Durashell 175LP 
Driving a work truck can make getting into parking structures difficult. Fleetwest tackled that solution head on with a ladder rack that does not compromise storage space. This low-profile ladder rack is the first integrated ergonomic ladder rack of its kind. The hydraulic double-drop down ladder rack is 8" shorter and 60 lbs. lighter than traditional work truck ladder racks. Drivers will have improved fuel economy because of the lighter weight and better aerodynamics. Technicians also benefit from the convenience of a low-profile work truck that can drive into parking garages, car washes, and drive-thru restaurants.

Accessories that optimize service body space and make the job easier can take a work truck from good to great. The composite Durashell, by Fleetwest can be equipped with a long list of options for that ideal work truck. A few examples are:

·         70 or 100 percent extension, 1000 lb. capacity aluminum slides
           make accessing supplies easy and painless
·         Cabinets and shelving with side access provide organized storage
           to keep track of inventory
·         Dividers and storage bins in various sizes to help with proper tool storage
·         Additional interior and exterior LED lighting for convenience and safety
·         Low profile, hydraulic ladder racks for easy accessibility

Whatever you accessorize your Fleetwest service body with, it will make you the most efficient and envied technician in your trade. Call us for a quote today at
(866) 497-7200 or visit www.fleetwest.net

Durashell 175LP by Fleetwest

Monday, April 17, 2017

Top 10 Workplace Safety Tips

Workplace safety cannot just rely on set policies and procedures, but how well employees communicate and adhere to those safety standards. The key to a safe workplace environment is to encourage employees to identify unsafe behaviors during daily routine tasks.

Top 10 Workplace Safety Tips Every Employee Should Know:

1. Be Aware of Your Surroundings
2. Keep Correct Posture
3. Take Regular Breaks
4. Use Tools and Machines Properly
5. Keep Emergency Exits Easily Accessible
6. Report Unsafe Conditions to Your Supervisor
7. Use Mechanical Aids Whenever Possible
8. Stay Sober
9. Reduce Workplace Stress
10. Wear the Correct Safety Equipment

The innovative service bodies by Fleetwest could help make 2017 your safest year ever. All of our units are designed with technician safety in mind. The Durashell has been ergonomically engineered with built in and optional safety features to optimize productivity and efficiency.

Perimeter Standing Access
Dual Slam-latching Rear Doors with 60/40 Split
Standard LED Lighting
Optional Side Mount and Backup Cameras
Optional Patented Low Profile Ladder Rack
Optional Cargo Bed Slide with 70 or 100% extension
Optional Customized Shelving

In addition to these Durashell features, this light weight fiberglass composite service body will transfer from one truck to another, even fully loaded. That is another back saver when it comes to vehicle repair and maintenance.

Durashell 175 with optional low profile ladder rack

Optional Dual Slide

Optional shelves and bins

To learn more about our transferable truck bodies, call toll-free in the U.S.  
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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Building the Ultimate Pickup Work Truck

When designing a work truck, the objective should be to optimize the vehicle to achieve the best overall return for dollars spent.  Being that a work truck is a piece of equipment that helps your employees do their jobs, it is also important that the equipment enhances productivity.  When it comes to designing an optimal work truck there are three common mistakes that occur, according to NTEA director of fleet relations:

  • Working Out of Order. - Rather than starting with addressing the body and equipment, many people start the specification-writing process with the truck chassis.
  • Doing What You’ve Always Done. - Make sure to keep up with changes rather than replicating an existing vehicle
  • Taking Your Best Guess. - In many cases, truck designers make power train selection guesses instead of a careful analysis of horsepower and engine torque demands

Fleetwest offers innovative solutions to reduce operation costs and improve productivity. A great addition to consider when designing a work truck is the Fleetwest Load’N’Go ST-2000. The Load’N’Go ST-2000 is a fully transferable truck body even when loaded. This means flexibility and higher overall value for fleets. An optional 1000 lb capacity drawer can be added to the Load'N'Go ST-2000 to provide extra organized storage in addition to the double-locking side compartments. A back saving addition is the aluminum slide which increases efficiency and aids in the technician's productivity.

Load'N'Go ST-2000 on jacks

standard with Barn Style Doors

Load'N'Go ST-2000 shown with additional drawer and slide out

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