Tuesday, December 11, 2018

121 Ways to Save Fuel: Tires

Find your Ideal Tire Pressure:
Under inflation kills not only tires, but also fuel economy. A tire under inflated by 10% can result in 20% increase in rolling resistance, and a corresponding drop in fuel economy.
It’s hard to imagine giving up  2-4% in fuel efficiency to something as simple as maintaining correct inflation pressure.
Improper inflation bites you in two ways: It reduces the ability of the tire sidewall to support the load on the tire, which increases the degree to which the sidewall will flex; and it changes the footprint or contact patch of the tire.
“It is not the tire, but the air inside it that supports the load,” says Guy Walenga, Bridgestone director of engineering, commercial products and technologies. “And it is the air inside the casing that keeps that casing the right shape.”
Having a transferable service body from Fleetwest is one way to increase your fuel economy in your pickup work truck. Fleetwest offers fiberglass units that are ergonomically engineered and lightweight to reduce fuel consumption. 
Give us a call to save for tomorrow. Toll free in the U.S. (866) 497-7200  or www.fleetwest.net for a quote.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Half Ton - Full Benefits

Many industries have taken advantage of the benefits half ton trucks have to offer. Besides them being easier on the wallet to purchase, they are obviously lighter. One of the benefits of lighter trucks being increased fuel efficiency while reducing fuel costs; as a half ton truck will cost you significantly less in gas than heavy duty pickups.

Now you won’t have to worry about not being able to efficiently store your tools on your half ton. Fleetwest has conquered this challenge with the base model ST-2000 and Sportsman models from the Load’N’Go line and all Durashell models.

These models fulfill extensive storage and security needs for your valuable tools and equipment without sacrificing your trucks payload or fuel economy. They also can be transferred from truck to truck on the job site in minutes—even while fully loaded—and require a no holes drilled installation! All units are built to outlast multiple trucks and available in standard 8' and 6.5' bed applications.

LNG ST-2000
The Load’N’Go ST-2000 feature a 16 gauge steel construction, stainless steel hardware and latches, and a rugged white powder coated finish. The Sportsman model comes standard with a durable black spray-on load liner finish inside and out, a powder coated pull-out drawer and lightweight aluminum side cabinet and rear doors. Add-ons such as ladder racks, sliding bed trays, vise mounts, and much more are available!

The Durashell is made of a heavy duty fiberglass composite that is rugged and light weight. These units come in a standard white gel coat finish, stainless steel door hinges, remote keyless entry and 60/40 rear split doors with backup cameras standard. Add-on options include low profile hydraulic ladder racks, sliding single or dual bed trays, shelving and much, much more!
DS 145

To get a quote, visit us online at www.Fleetwest.net 
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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

2018 Tax Incentives for Fleets and Contractors

Now that 2018 is coming to an end and tax time is just around the corner, let’s talk about tax deductions. Before you know it 2019 will be upon us and it’s not too late to take advantage of the Section 179 tax deduction. This deduction is good on new and used equipment financed/purchased and put into service by 12/31/2018.

What is the Section 179 Deduction?

Basically, the Section 179 deduction is an incentive created by the U.S. Government for small businesses to invest in themselves and help lower operating costs. It allows businesses to add the needed equipment to improve operations and increase revenue and then deduct the full purchase price, of qualifying equipment, from your gross income.

Even better, the deduction limit for Section 179 has increased from last year to $1,000,000 for 2018 and beyond, as well as the limit on the equipment purchases has increased to $2.5 Million. There is also a bonus depreciation of 100% and is retroactive to 9/27/2017 and good through 2022. This bonus depreciation now includes used equipment as well.

Here is an example of how Section 179 works:

sample image from www.section179.org

To find out all the ins and outs of Section 179 and the answers to all your questions, visit the official website at www.section179.org. There is also a free calculator to give you an estimate of how much money you can save on your purchases. See the handy Section 179 Calculator that's fully updated for 2018.

Keep in mind the Section 179 Deduction can be applied to purchases on equipment such as the Service Truck Bodies from Fleetwest. The heavy duty steel constructed Load'N'Go units are available in roll top, fixed top and open bed configurations. To see the complete Fleetwest Line visit our website at www.Fleetwest.net and get a quote today.

Friday, September 21, 2018

National Tradesman Day

In 2011 Irwin Tools founded National Tradesman Day to honor the men and women who work day in and day out with their unique skills to their trade to keep our great nation running smoothly. Friday, September 16th, 2011 was the maiden celebration but we now celebrate this day on the third Friday in September.

Today lets celebrate the men and women whose skills and hard work build America and keep it running strong. National Tradesmen Day is dedicated to the professionals who have the skills and knowledge to maintain the complex infrastructure of our roads, cities, water systems, and power grids. With their hands, their skills and their tools, they ensure the job gets done to keep our business, homes and America running. And for that, I say thank you!

Honor a tradesman you know and show your appreciation and use #NationalTradesmanDay to post on social media.

Any tradesman wouldn't be complete without a work truck and their tools. Fleetwest offers work truck solutions to keep the everyday tradesman organized and efficient. Whether you need all the bells and whistles or just simple storage solutions, we can help. We even have a drawer called the Tradesman. Give it a look and give us a call @ 866-497-7200. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Light Up Your Work Truck

Many industries such as construction, concrete, and roadwork function in the early hours of the morning and/or late nights when light is in short supply but of  great importance. These technicians rely daily on a work truck with good lighting to supply easy access to tools and supplies for efficient productivity; not to mention the safety factor involved.

The Durashell by Fleetwest is available with standard LED lighting and additional lighting options for safety and functionality. Additional options for the Durashell include dual-action slides and shelving; to name just two of the countless options to provide further efficiency to a work truck. And no more head, neck or back injuries from crawling around; total contents are within reach with our perimeter standing access.

Take advantage of the superior resale value since the Durashell is a transferable service body with a no holes drilled installation, there is no damage done to the bed of your pickup. Call a Fleetwest representative toll-free at 866-497-7200 to get a quote for the Durashell and ask for additional options.

DS175 standard Side door LED lighting

DS175 standard interior LED lighting; additional dual action slide pictured

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Weighing Your Options

As a company or fleet, it is very important to make sure that the trucks you purchase are safe and efficient for their intended use. Weight is always a concern when it comes to work trucks and there are specific numbers and/or ratings that need to be considered.

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is the maximum allowable weight of a vehicle and its payload; includes the weight of the vehicle plus passengers, fuel and cargo. This is a set number by the manufacturer that cannot be changed.
Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) is the weight of the vehicle at any given time; which is constantly changing as you burn fuel, load and unload cargo and passengers.
Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR) is the maximum distributed weight that can be supported by a given axle. This is a set figure by the manufacturer and cannot be changed.
Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR) is the maximum allowable weight of the combination of the tow vehicle and trailer. The GCWR is set by the manufacturer and cannot be changed. Keep your truck and trailer within the GCWR at all times.

Know that exceeding these ratings that are set by the manufacturer exposes the vehicle driver and company to serious liability issues.

Enter Fleetwest with transferable truck bodies that are both lightweight and durable. The Load’N’Go and Durashell models by Fleetwest are the ideal solution for your pickup work truck needs; from organization and efficiency to longevity and serviceability. These service bodies are built to outlast your pickup truck! When the time comes to replace your work truck, simply slip out the service body and transfer into the bed of your new truck, fully loaded. Finish off the install with a no holes drilled, four corner clamping system and off you go.

If you would like more information about these transferable service bodies, please contact a Fleetwest representative at 866-497-7200 or online at www.fleetwest.net/get_a_quote/index.html

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Transferable Truck Body Q & A

Sportsman (top left), Security Top (top right), Powerbody (bottom left), Open bed (bottom right)

Q: Why a Transferable Truck Body?

A: The ability to remove a truck body from your pickup truck in minutes, fully loaded, means gaining valuable access to a work-free pickup truck.

Q: What kind of truck will it fit?

A: A universal fit for full size pickup trucks Ford, Dodge, GM, Toyota & Nissan with 8' and 6.5' beds. Unfortunately we don't have bodies that fit the smaller trucks; Tacoma, Colorado or Ranger.

Q: What model options are available?

A: There are several steel Load'N'Go models as well as
fiberglass/composite Durashell models to choose from. All models can easily be customized with options to suit your needs; such as ladder or material racks, bed slides, shelving, dividers, lifting jacks, lighting and much more!

Q: How does it work?

A: Fleetwest service bodies can be easily removed from pickup trucks with a four point clamping system. There is no need to drill holes, so it's OK to move onto a rented or leased truck in case of an emergency or needed repairs. Acquiring a transferable truck body provides the flexibility of having a pickup truck, and multiple work trucks.

Q: Where can I purchase one?

A: www.Fleetwest.net  or Call toll-free in the U.S. 866-497-7200. 

Still have questions? 

Contact a Fleetwest representative and get a quote today.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Are you sick and tired?...

Are you tired of tools rattling around in your truck and getting lost or broke? Anyone who drives a work truck has more than likely had this happen at some point in time. What about needing to run errands or help friends move furniture on the weekend or maybe head out of town and need the bed of your truck?  Work trucks are functional at work, but let's be honest; they can be an inconvenience or an eye-sore when you’re not.

Enter the solution: Transferable Truck Bodies!

Fleetwest offer Load’N’Go and Durashell service bodies that can be easily removed from your truck bed, fully loaded in minutes. All your tools and equipment now have a safe and secure place in a cabinet or drawer that you don’t have to search for every time you load and unload your truck. Acquiring a transferable truck body provides the flexibility of gaining valuable access to a work-free pickup truck and having a work truck all in one!

This makes your truck an everyday truck, not just a workday truck. Not to mention the bragging rights too. These units are not only practical but also a show piece at a job site; anywhere you go people will stop and ask you about it. So give us a call, toll free in the U.S. at (866)497-7200 and get a quote on one of our transferable truck bodies and be the talk of the town! www.fleetwest.net

Load'N'Go Sportsman & Durashell 175LP models shown


Thursday, May 24, 2018

The All New 2018 Models are in!

The All New 2018 Models are in! See what Fleetwest has to offer with our rugged, yet lightweight, composite service bodies. Some of the new and now standard features include a backup camera, new steel door latches, new clamping system and a side vent to reduce air pressure.

For more information and quotes, contact a Fleetwest representative toll-free in the U.S. at (866) 497-7200 www.fleetwest.com 

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The New Fleetwest Drawer

Need storage?
Don’t have a standard size truck bed?

We now have the Compact Truck/SUV solution!

Introducing the Fleetwest Drawer…

With the increased popularity of the crew cab and mid-size compact trucks, such as the Frontier and Tacoma, we had to come up with a storage solution just for them.

Call (866) 497-7200 for more information on this Special Order Item

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

10 items you should keep in your vehicle, and why:

Now that the weather is getting better, people tend to spend more time on the road. This means longer family road trips or more work related travel. Regardless of the season, it’s always a good idea to keep your vehicle stocked with essential items in case of an emergency. Some of the obvious items would include: a windshield scraper and brush, flashlight, extra batteries, jumper cables, first-aid kit, small tool kit, cell phone charger and blanket. 

Many of the things that people choose to keep in their vehicles will vary depending on region. I know not all of us are MacGyver, but having these items on hand just might save your life, or at the very least come in handy.

Disinfectant wipes
1. Disinfectant Wipes:   Use for cleaning up a spill, cleaning dirty hands or any other sticky situation.

2. USB Mobile Device Charger:
USB mobile chargerImportant to have in case there is ever a moment when your phone might run out of battery.

Energy Bars

3. Energy Bars:  These snacks are non-perishable and will hold you over if ever stuck waiting for assistance. 

Bottled water

4. Bottled Water:  Important  to stay hydrated if stranded or for a thirsty radiator.


5. Maps: Yes, the paper kind! It's always important to keep an updated map on hand because technology isn't always available. 
WD 40

6. WD-40:  Can help loosen lug nuts or stuck battery cables. It can even help start wet engines. "If it doesn't move and should, use WD-40!"
Duct tape
7. Duct Tape:  Great for temporary fixes, such as holding your muffler in place. "If it moves and shouldn't, use Duct Tape!"

Reflective Safety Triangle

8. Flares or Reflective Triangle:  Important to have so you 
don’t get hit on the side of the road.

Utility Knife

9. Utility Knife:  This multipurpose tool can handle numerous problems that may arise. Not everyone carries around a Swiss Army knife.

10. Matches:  Keep a couple matchbooks in a freezer bag so that they stay dry.  Good to have just in case; you never know when you might need them.

If storage is a concern, you can keep all these items neatly stored  inside your Fleetwest transferable truck body. Safety is always a top priority for fleets and keeping your tools and gear organized helps to make you a more safe and efficient technician. The Fleetwest service bodies offer a variety of options to help keep your work truck more organized, safe and efficient. 
  • Custom Shelving and Storage Bins
  • Drawers with multi-sized dividers
  • Slide Out Decks
  • Ladder Racks
  • LED lighting
dual 1000 lb. slides
Custom shelving and storage

Transferable truck bodies

Call Fleetwest today for a quote at (866) 497-7200

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

HOA Discrimination Against Vocational Vehicles

Do you take your work truck home and park it in your driveway or on the street nearby? If you live in an HOA you may want to rethink that. You just might be subjected to fines or more.  It is not uncommon for vocational vehicles to be ticketed in residential areas governed by a homeowner association (HOA). A company may have unknowingly put its employees in this difficult situation when they issue out a logo branded or wrapped vehicle.

With communities consistently growing, there is an estimate of 50 million Americans that live in HOA communities. Most HOAs will allow commercial vehicles as long as they are out of site in a garage, but not all fleet vehicles can fit due to height or length. Also, if the employee lives in an apartment, townhouse or condominium development that option may not even exist. Employees are then at the mercy of their HOA parking restrictions and there is no uniformity to these rules.

Long story short, legally, HOAs have the authority to control the type of vehicles allowed to park in their communities. Thus creating a problem for those residents whose primary transportation is a company issued vehicle or work truck. The common response is that these HOA conditions and restrictions were laid out in documents before the purchase or lease of the property or community and should have been addressed then.

Fleetwest has a solution to this situation for the pickup work trucks; the transferable service body! Fleetwest service bodies are 100% transferable with a no holes drilled installation and a universal fit to most full-size pickup trucks. These service bodies can be easily removed, fully loaded via forklift, crane or lifting jacks and left in the company garage or warehouse. This gives the employee the ability to drive the pickup truck home at night without the risk of HOA violation. In the morning, drive into work and transfer their service body back into the truck bed and off they go.

For more information or a quote, reach out to a Fleetwest representative today.

pickup work truck solutions

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Meet NTEA's 54th President - Todd Davis

Congratulations Todd Davis! Looking forward to what this year holds.

Todd Davis, Vice President of Phenix Truck Bodies & Van Equipment, located in Pomona, California becomes NTEA's 54th President.

pickup work truck bodies

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Work Truck Show® - North America's Largest Work Truck Event

The day if finally here!

The Work Truck Show® is your once-a-year chance to see all of the newest industry products, choose from dozens of industry-focused training courses, and gain access to technical engineering representatives from hundreds of exhibiting companies. Attendees can interact with thousands of industry professionals; set up meetings with current suppliers or customers; find solutions to resolve technical issues; and talk shop with industry peers at special events and receptions.

The Show is the ultimate resource for industry professionals, offering the opportunity to:
See the latest vocational truck and equipment displays, with product experts available at exhibitor booths

  • Meet with current and prospective suppliers 
  • Find solutions to critical technical questions 
  • Interact with thousands of peers 
  • Gain insight into recent industry and market trends 

Work Truck Week is where the industry comes to learn, network and find what they need to get the job done. Each year, offers more options to build your Show experience. From exhibits, education and special events - you pick. Find your reasons to attend.

Learn more at: http://www.worktruckshow.com

 Fleetwest_Work Truck_Bodies

Monday, February 26, 2018

Used M370 Service Body (SOLD)

This used capsule has 370 cubic feet of organized storage space that features aluminum shelving, a ceiling mounted aluminum cabinet, and rear mounted exterior lighting above barn style doors with rear window. The two overhead dome lights create an efficient and convenient work space.

The used fiberglass composite capsule (pictured below) is located in Tempe, Arizona and available for a fraction of the price of new service bodies. This pickup service body can accommodate a variety of technicians from HVAC, auto glass repair, locksmith or delivery industries. The possibilities are endless with this van alternative, which makes this the ideal service body for any long bed work truck!

The lightweight fiberglass composite and aluminum materials improve fuel economy and allow for more weight in tools and cargo. The best part about this used capsule is transferability. It slips on and off a pickup truck in minutes, with no-holes-drilled installation.
Call a Fleetwest representative today before it’s too late! (866) 497-7200
Sale price: $6995 SOLD!!

 Discontinued 370

 Used 370-discontinued

Friday, February 23, 2018

R&M Downtime Solution!

Downtime cost is an important factor to consider when running a work truck Fleet. Fleet managers and self-employed technicians alike depend on their vehicles to get the job done every day. Accidents, technician time lost, work truck maintenance and repairs result in costly downtime; and there is not just money lost, but opportunity as well. Fleet managers have to foresee these problems and have a prepared strategy to handle these unexpected costs.

How do you prepare for the unexpected?
Enter Fleetwest with alternative service vehicle solutions to help get Fleet work trucks on the road faster.

When a pickup truck is in the shop for maintenance or an accident occurs, Fleetwest service bodies are 100% transferable and able to be moved from the damaged pickup truck and onto another truck in minutes, fully loaded. With traditional bolt-on bodies, continuing to operate a work truck depends on the condition of the pickup. This means that an individual or company continues to incur expenses until the vehicle is repaired. When a vehicle and its driver aren’t working, there is a considerable financial loss per hour. These costs can be controlled with a transferable truck body because it is not dependent on the condition of the vehicle.

Fleetwest steel and fiberglass service bodies are installed with the use of lifting jacks, forklift or a crane; no holes are drilled so there is no damage done to the pickup truck or service body. Your technician can continue his service calls with his personal service body, tools and equipment until his vehicle is repaired and then the service body can be transferred back again, fully loaded. Problem solved!


To add a Fleetwest transferable service body to your fleet, call toll free at 866-497-7200 or get a quote.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


It seems that we aren’t the only ones that have chosen to lose some weight for the New Year. Pickup trucks are now shedding the pounds to become more lightweight too. It’s referred to as “lightweighting”. With a mixture of advanced materials such as aluminum, high-strength steels and composites to help increase the pickup’s maximum payload, towing capacity and fuel economy.

The numbers are already weighing in.The New 2019 Ram 1500 pickup is 225 pounds lighter and the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado is 450 pounds lighter than their 2018 models. Ford started the trend back in 2015 when it switched to an aluminum bed and body for the F-150 Super Duty pickups that shed a whopping 700 pounds. Each automaker is trying different approaches and material combinations to find their desired results. 

It seems that Ford’s rivals are not relying as much on aluminum in their diet, but all the big brands have launched lightweighting programs. The 2019 Silverado was introduced with an aluminum hood, tailgate and doors, but 80 percent of its frame is made of high-strength steel. GM is experimenting with other materials such as carbon fibers as well. The redesigned 2019 Ram 1500 also added aluminum to its tailgate, engine mounts and parts of its suspension with 90 percent of the frame high-strength steel.

No matter what combination of materials is used, you can bet that aluminum is going to play a major role by 2020 due to cost. Experimenting with mixed-materials to fill the supporting roles will continue to grow in both strength and affordability over time; which will aid automakers in their lightweighting future.

At Fleetwest we understand the need for lightweight and efficient vehicles. Our innovative service bodies are both lightweight and more efficient than tradition bolt on units. Fleetwest service bodies are 100% transferable even fully loaded with equipment and will universally fit any full-size pickup truck; making them versatile. And that is an optimal combination to reduce your operational cost while improving your productivity.   

Start your year off right and light! 
Give us a call for more information.
(866) 497-7200

Wednesday, January 31, 2018



You may have heard that it takes more fuel to turn your vehicle off and back on again than it does to stay idling when stopped. One fast food chain even made a claim that it was “Greener” to use the drive-through than parking and walking in for a to-go order. With fuel costs and anti-idling laws being an essential consideration for vehicle owners and fleet managers, it’s important to know the facts.

The fact is that even for short stops, it saves fuel to turn off your vehicle. Idling for even 10 seconds produces more CO2 emissions and burns more fuel than simply turning your engine off, and restarting. This was found by a study done by Argonne National Laboratory, and funded by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Vehicle Technologies Program.


Engineers were tasked to study vehicles in the Argonne laboratory’s Advanced Powertrain Research Facility to determine the impacts of idling and restarting. Dynamometer tests were conducted at the facility and revealed that parking a vehicle, turning it off, and then restarting it uses less fuel and produces less CO2 than idling for just 10 seconds. In addition, the study also revealed that the fastest way to warm up a car engine is to drive the vehicle, not by idling it. Argonne found that depending on the vehicle’s size, 0.2 to 0.5 gallons of fuel per hour is used when idling.


With these findings, and as states, provinces, and countries continue to introduce climate change action plans and green initiatives focused on greenhouse gas emissions, now is the perfect time to start embracing an anti-idle mindset in day-to-day driving and work operations. 


Going back to the fast food chain’s claim, no, it is not greener to use the drive-through than it is to park and pick up your order inside the restaurant. Here are the facts:
  • Idling for more than 10 seconds burns more fuel, and produces more C02 emissions than turning the engine on and off
  • Idling for an hour uses 0.2 to 0.5 gallons of fuel, depending on the vehicle, and fuel consumption increases as idling speed increases
  • Warming up a vehicle by driving is more effective than idling
Consider these findings next time you find yourself idling your truck, whether working on a job site, picking up a food order, or warming up your truck this winter.
Source and learn more at: https://www.vmacair.com/blog/


You may also consider adding a transferable service body from Fleetwest to your work truck pickup to increase your fuel economy. Fleetwest offers fiberglass service bodies that are ergonomically engineered and lightweight to reduce fuel consumption. Give us a call today to find out how to save for tomorrow. Toll free in the U.S. (866) 497-7200

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

New Years Savings

Start the New Year off with extra money in your pocket. Fleetwest is currently offering $500 off the list price* of any Load'N'Go ST-2000 Model
Load'N'Go ST-2000 by Fleetwest

Contact a Fleetwest Representative for more information
Toll-Free in the U.S. (866) 497-7200

*while quantities last. Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Who Won The Pickup Truck 2017 Sales Battle?

Do you ever ask yourself, “Who sells the most pickup trucks in America?” Well, the answer might actually surprise you!  The Ford F-series closed the year strong just shy of 900,000 trucks sold. That being said, Ford did not sell the most pickups in the USA overall! The totals include all full-size and mid-size pickups and Ford is still not selling the Ranger in the U.S…yet.

The winner, again, is General Motor with nearly 950,000 units (Chevrolet and GMC combined). The good news is that 2017 was a great year for pickup truck sales. Almost every maker saw a sales improvement in 2017 and 2018 looks even better with several new trucks rolling out.

YTD 2017 #
YTD 2017/2016 %
Ford F-Series
Chevrolet Silverado
GMC Sierra
Toyota Tundra
Nissan Titan

YTD 2017 #
YTD 2017/2016 %
Toyota Tacoma
Chevrolet Colorado
Nissan Frontier
Honda Ridgeline
GMC Canyon
YTD Total
All GM
All Ford
All Ram
All Toyota
All Nissan
All Honda

Start off the year smart with a Fleetwest transferable service body addition to your work truck pickup. Fleetwest is currently offering a New Year savings of $500 off the list price* of any Load'N'Go ST-2000. Call a Fleetwest Representative for more information Toll-Free in the U.S. (866) 497-7200.

*While quantities last. Can not be combined with any other offer of discounts.