Friday, April 19, 2019

Versatile Service Truck Body

An important factor to look for in a service body is versatility. An open mind and creative thinking can transfer your work truck into a successful business.

The 175 by Fleetwest is ideal for multiple industries and a universal fit for 
full size pickup models with 8' or 6.5' beds.

Food Service | Emergency Response | Utilities/Satelite Repair | HVAC

The 175 fiberglass service bodies are completely transferable fully loaded from one pickup truck to another. The outer surfaces on the fiberglass models are also the perfect canvas for logo wraps creating a mobile billboard for your local advertisement.

The innovative truck bodies by Fleetwest are as versatile as they come 
and help to create flexible fleets.

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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Long vs. Short

Have you noticed that over the years that shorter truck beds are more popular?  You are not alone. 

It’s not that trucks are getting any shorter, but the cab lengths are getting longer. With the popularity of trucks in the U.S, the crew cab is a must due to more passenger space needed for everyday use. Therefore, people tend to lean towards the standard bed length because of the overall length of the vehicle. Not to mention that most dealerships always have the standard beds available but the 8 foot beds are a special order that adds time to receive. What if that truck is to be used as a work truck?

Since you are in need of a work truck now and waiting may not be an option, standard or long bed makes no difference with a Load’N’Go service body by Fleetwest. The Load’N’Go service bodies are 100% transferable and have more storage capacity than a conventional bolt-on.  Constructed of heavy duty 16ga steel with a powder coated finish and are a universal fit for full size trucks with 6.5’ & 8’ beds; The Load’N’Go are the best service body solution available.

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Load'N'Go Security top with full coverage ladder rack
Load'N'Go Sportsman

Load'N'Go Open Bed