Thursday, August 23, 2012

ProPickup Truck Expo - Begins Today

Enter to WIN this Chevy 3500 with a Load'N'Go Powerbody

Load'N'Go on Big Red

ProPickup Expo - Dallas, TX
The Pro Pickup Truck Expo starts today in Dallas, Texas and runs through this Saturday Aug 25th.  This Expo is the center piece of the Great American Truck Show that runs the same time.

The ProPickup Truck Expo 2012, which is a new addition to Intersection 2012, is a trade-only show focusing exclusively on  full-size pickups, and all related accessories and services. It is presented by ProPickup magazine.

You can WIN the above truck by registering FREE at the Expo or - click here.  This project truck was created by Pro Pickup Magazine and will be given away to some lucky winner early next year.  The truck is a LOADED Chevy 3500 HD with a new Load'N'Go Powerbody utility tool box included.  The Load'N'Go Powerbody has a generator, compressor, welder, and battery jump/booster built included, and it is FULLY TRANSFERABLE from one truck to another in a matter of minutes.  All of the welder, generator, compressor, and battery jump/booster connections are accessible from the secure front side cabinets.

FOR SALE - Used Load'N'Go Transferable Tool Box

*** SOLD ***
This USED 2009 Load'N'Go Open Bed
Utility Tool Box model
has a ladder rack,
an additional ladder or material rack is also included.
It is located in California.
Please feel free to contact the seller directly via e-mail below.
Fits Ford, Chevy, Dodge Long bed (8 foot) full size pickup trucks
1000 lb capacity customizable drawer for secure storage of your tools and supplies

Extra over the cab ladder/material rack

Lots of room for storage of your supplies
Asking price: $5,400
Visit the Craigs List ad by clicking HERE.

You can get a quote for a NEW Load'N'Go 
from Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies
by clicking HERE.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Emergency Response - Transferable Truck Body

The transferable benefit.... is not really obvious.

Very pretty on the outside

Not just pretty... lots of organized tools.
Quick access without breaking your back!

WOW - and transferable in minutes without unloading

Aluminum diamond plate and organized

Lots of lights and secure storage
Top quality, yet easy on the budget.  Life cycle savings in excess of 35% per upfit - check out the white paper that compares a transferable service body with a traditional bolt - on service body.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Used Durashell 370 For Sale - SOLD

Durashell 370 Passenger Side Shelves and cabinet

Durashell 370 Driver side work bench, cabinets and lights

Lots of storage... full inside view

Shore Power, Lights, Work Bench... Ready for Your Truck
The 370 cubic feet of secure work space turns your pickup truck into a work station with more space than typical vans.  Lots of head room... even if you're over 6' tall.  This unit is ideal for fiber optic, cable, telecom, or other trades that require stable environments for work.

This transferable work truck body fits all standard Ford, Chevy, and Dodge long bed (8 foot) pickup trucks.  For more information please call Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies at 866-497-7200 (toll free in US), or 480-736-8800 direct - ask for Tom Endicott.

Price reduced to: $7,499.  A comparably equipped new model would cost almost $16,000.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Used Load'N'Go Available For Sale (SOLD)

Used Load'N'Go Security Top Model with aluminum diamond plate option

This is a long bed model (8') shown here with 1000# drawer extended

Customizable Drawer Unit - 1000 pound capacity

Securely stores tools and supplies

Fits Ford, Chevy, Dodge, GMC Longbed Trucks*

Very good condition with built in forklift tunnels & lifting jack recepticles

Adjustable Shelves can be moved from cabinet
Used Load'N'Go transferable truck bodies are rare finds. This Load'N'Go is located in the Midwest (US) and can be quickly added to your standard pickup truck making it a full size work utility vehicle - without drilling holes or removing the truck bed.  (Please note this unit will fit ALL Ford and Dodge long bed (8') trucks with ease.  Chevy & GMC 2007 and newer require 1.5" of lift - call Fleetwest for more info 480-736-8800).

This unit was five years old... sold within 7 days of being posted here... for 80% of its original purchase price!  WOW!  Watch here for more used opportunities!  Send us an e-mail if you would like to have us post your used transferable truck body.
You can get a quote on a new Load'N'Go by clicking HERE.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Win Big Red - From

Time is running out, only 30 days left to enter and win Big Red as the winner will be selected and announced on April 15, 2013! Pro Pickup Magazine is giving away this loaded Chevy 3500 pickup truck with a custom red Powerbody by Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies. Enter now and this work truck utility body can be yours!

Win this chevy 3500 utility work truck pickup
This Chevy 1 Ton Work Truck can be yours!

Pro Pickup Magazine Chevy 3500 with Powerbody
Enter to win Big Red by clicking HERE
Pickup truck utility service body contest
Load'N'Go Powerbody makes this really work!

You can compare the costs and benefits of a traditional bolt-on utility bed with a transferable truck body at or check out the previous post.