Friday, January 31, 2014

Super Bowl Commercials - 2014

Keep an eye out for some of the best work truck ads this coming Super Bowl Sunday from Ram, Chevrolet, and Ford. Last year's Ram Truck Super Bowl commercial "Farmer" made headlines and they're hoping to top it this year. Chevy has given a sneak preview of one of their 2014 commercial spots, showing the softer side of work trucks. Ford's commercial is rumored to feature the reveal of their new 2015 aluminum F-150.

For any of the pickup trucks featured in Sunday's coveted Super Bowl commercial spots, Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies has a service body to match. Load'N'Go and Durashell service bodies fit all major makes and models of short and long bed pickup trucks. They are completely transferable, on and off your pickup truck in minutes with no-holes-drilled installation.

Take a break from your wing-eating, football-watching Sunday before the half-time show and go online to get a quote for a transferable truck body at

Don't miss the Super Bowl Special: $400 off any new Durashell service body, now through February 15th.

Super Bowl Commercial Trucks

Thursday, January 30, 2014

State of the Union Address: Natural Gas

In the State of the Union Address, President Obama called natural gas the "bridge fuel" to getting the U.S. off of its dependence on foreign oil. His promise to "cut the red tape" on natural gas ensures its future in the U.S. This likely means more businesses will be switching to CNG powered vehicles for their fleets.

In anticipation of an increase in the production and fleet use of American CNG powered vehicles, Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies introduces a Durashell 170 tailor-made for CNG pickup trucks.

The custom Durashell 170 is pictured below on a Dodge Ram CNG 2500 pickup truck at last year's Chrysler Fleet Show in Colorado Springs. This version of the Durashell 170 is created with a cut-out and emergency shut-off access for CNG tanks, which take up only 35% of the bed's cargo area.The Durashell maintains its standard features that fleet management want such as plenty of secure cargo space that is easily accessible through side access or rear barn-style doors. Durashell service bodies are made of lightweight fiberglass composite, furthering fuel savings.

Service Body for CNG Pickup Trucks

Service Bodies for CNG Trucks

Chrysler Fleet ShowCNG Tanks in Service Body
Call your Fleetwest representative toll-free at 866-497-7200 to get a quote for a custom Durashell made for CNG pickup trucks.

Friday, January 24, 2014

World of Concrete

Today is the last day of the World of Concrete trade show and expo in Las Vegas, celebrating 40 years of industry excellence. World of Concrete is the industry's only yearly international event that showcases the leading concrete construction industries and suppliers. The trade show floor features innovative tools, construction machinery, equipment, safety training courses, and new technologies in the concrete industry. Attendees made connections that strengthened their industry standards, got hands-on experiences with leading equipment, and found new opportunities to profit.

The Load'N'Go Open Bed by Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies is ideal for construction workers in the concrete industry. As the name implies, the open-bed style allows access to the bed of a pickup truck for optimum storage and transport of materials. Four double-locking side-boxes offer secure storage as well as a 1000 pound capacity drawer. The tailgate can be left on a pickup truck with the use of a Load'N'Go Open Bed. This transferable service body fits Ford, Dodge, Chevy, and GMC short (6.5 foot) or longbed (8 foot) 1 ton pickup truck, among other popular models. The best feature of the Load'N'Go Open Bed is that it transfers in minutes between one pickup to another with the use of a forklift, crane, or 2000 pound capacity lifting jacks.

Transferable Truck Body with Forklift

Service Body with Removable Jacks

Call your Fleetwest representative today at 480-736-8800 to get a quote for the Load'N'Go Open Bed.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Chevy Colorado

Chevrolet is re-entering the mid-size pickup truck market with an all new 2015 Chevy Colorado. The three versions of the new Colorado include an extended cab model (6 foot bed), a crew cab (5 foot bed), and a crew cab (6 foot bed). Another version of the Chevy Colorado will also be available for commercial and fleet customers including delivery, pest control, and other services. For more information on the new Chevy Colorado go to 

The Durashell 90 by Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies will fit the all-new mid-size Chevy Colorado with 6-foot beds. The Durashell 90 is a universal fit across all compact trucks with a 6-foot bed, including the Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Frontier, discontinued Ford Ranger, and the old version of the Chevy Colorado. Because the Durashell 90 is made from a durable, yet lightweight fiberglass composite material, it will not add unnecessary weight to the fuel-efficient mid-size pickup. The new Colorado will be available in the fourth quarter of 2014 so start your planning today.

Call a Fleetwest representative toll free at 866-497-7200 to get a quote.

Chevy Colorado Service Body
Durashell 90

Friday, January 17, 2014

Clean Work Truck Incentives

Businesses are taking community leadership roles via the usage of natural gas as the fuel of choice. CNG provides benefits including a cleaner environment and cleaner burning vehicle, reduced fuel bills, and companies less dependent on foreign fuel. These benefits are attractive to both businesses and consumers.

CNG is the future for city fleets that want to lower costs and be more accountable. Increased natural gas infrastructure development is providing more construction jobs and 'fueling' the economy. There is an overall growing conversion rate of local commercial and municipal fleets according to

New York City has made grant funding available, launching the second round of grants for clean tech vehicles, according to Private and non-profit fleets operating in NYC can apply for funding in the form of an incentive up to $40,000 per clean fuel truck. Class 3 to Class 8 CNG vehicles such as a CNG powered pickup truck are included in this incentive.

Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies is on board with the rapid growth of CNG. Adding a lightweight fiberglass composite Durashell or partially aluminum Load'N'Go Sportsman to a CNG powered-pickup would be the perfect combination for New York fleets and other municipalities to take advantage of this opportunity. The Fleetwest service bodies pictured below provide further fuel savings and are economic because they can easily be transferred from one pickup truck to another in minutes.

Call your Fleetwest representative toll free at 866-497-7200 to get a quote today.

Aluminum and Steel Transferable Service Body
Load'N'Go Sportsman
Lightweight Fiberglass Work Truck
Durashell 170

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Service Bodies for the Polar Vortex

With a polar vortex of dense, frigid air moving across the country, safety is of top priority for fleet management. Drivers can follow basic rules to provide a safe environment for themselves and others on the road during snow storms and icy highway conditions. Adjusting driving speed to match weather conditions, avoiding distractions such as cell phones and cargo, maintaining space between vehicles, and giving full attention to the road are some easy-to-follow guidelines that can prevent accidents. Fleet management should enforce safety awareness and be on top of severe weather conditions this winter.

Durashell and Load'N'Go service bodies by Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies are a great, safer alternative to a work van during the harsh winter months. Transferable truck bodies are installed (with no-holes-drilled to prevent damage and increase resale value) to pickup trucks. 4WD trucks handle much better than vans in winter storms and slick conditions. The Durashell and Load'N'Go service bodies also separate the driver from cargo, providing more safety and less distraction. Because service bodies are installed on pickup trucks, the cab heats more quickly than the driver space of a work van. This provides optimum driver comfort with a warm cab separate from the cold cargo space in harsh winter weather.

Call your Fleetwest representative toll free at 866-497-7200 to get a Durashell or Load'N'Go quote and improve fleet safety during the stormy months.

Light Weight Service Body for Winter
Durashell 370

Polar Vortex Work Truck
Van Alternative

Safe Secure Pickup Truck Service Body
370 Cubic Feet Storage Space