Thursday, July 30, 2015

How Transferability Can Benefit You

When the truck needs to go into the shop for maintenance or repairs, the transferable truck body can quickly be moved to another truck in minutes.  Downtime associated with a technician’s tools and equipment needing to be transferred to another truck is all but eliminated.  The technician doesn’t waste valuable time in the field hunting for tools that were tossed into a borrowed truck since he is still working from ‘his own assigned tool box’.   Not only is the company saving valuable work time but, the technician is spared the frustration of working out of a borrowed truck body and enjoys more job satisfaction knowing he will always have ‘his own assigned tool box’.  When the slip-on truck body is assigned to a technician, they are more likely to take pride in their tool box resulting in higher job satisfaction as well.  They will be glad they never have to listen to their tools and equipment rolling around in the back of the van again!  Another bonus is they will only need to heat and cool the cab of the truck.  Higher job satisfaction converts to long term savings for the company through higher personnel retention and lower expenses related to hiring and training new people.

Security of tools and equipment can save thousands of dollars by avoiding costly break-ins and theft from the open bed of a pick-up truck.  Protecting your valuable cargo in a slip-on truck body makes so much financial sense.  Double locking doors and side compartments provide the security you need to prevent the cost and downtime of losing valuable equipment and time associated with replacing them.

The Load'N'Go ST-2000 is secure, heavy-duty, and transferable, on and off a pickup truck in minutes allowing you to transfer your tools and supplies from one truck to another without unloading. It fits most standard model long-bed and light enough to fit 1/2 ton pickup trucks. The Load'N'Go ST2000 pictured needs no holes drilled to install and provides additional storage, flexibility, and efficiency allowing you to work smarter, not harder.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Transferability Offers Big Savings!

Today’s business owners are challenged on all fronts looking for ways to trim operating costs and build efficiencies into their daily operations.  Whether the construction company runs 1 or 2 service vehicles or a fleet of 100 or more, the need to manage those vehicles in the most economical fashion is still of great significance to the financial health of any organization that has a service vehicle fleet.

Reducing or even holding steady fleet costs in a world with soaring fuel prices is nearly impossible and given the increasing cost of steel, plastics and other manufacturing materials, replacing service vehicles becomes a sizable drain on the profit margins of today’s business operators.  Those variables are out of the control of the fleet manager so; how does the prudent operator keep a grip on these escalating costs?  Even with all of this dauntingly bad news, I am glad to tell you there are still options available to hold down and even reduce the year over year operating costs associated with running a fleet of service vehicles.  

The solution:  Transferable service bodies for pick-up trucks are finding their way into more and more fleets throughout North America.  Transferability changes everything for the fleet manager.  Transferable truck bodies are just as the name infers, transferable service bodies that are not bolted into the pick-up truck bed but rather clamped to the bed rails using a four-corner mounting system that simply squeezes the bedrail and requires only a socket wrench to tighten or loosen the clamps.  A rubber mat is placed on the bed of the pick-up to prevent the service body from slipping around in the bed.  The unit can quickly and easily be slipped on and off the truck with either a forklift or a set of 4 lifting jacks similar to a camper jack system.

The significant savings comes from the lightweight fiberglass composite construction which allows the unit to be utilized on a full range of pick-up trucks from the lightweight class up to the heavy duty 1 ton trucks.  No matter what your truck brand or style, these units are universal fit for all major makes and can be easily moved in minutes from truck to truck, fully loaded.   The fuel economy derived from using a lightweight slip-on truck body on a fuel friendly truck can be substantial.  Transferable truck bodies also come in the more traditional looking steel and aluminum construction with side storage compartments along the bedrails and full length pull-out parts drawers that will handle up to 1000 pounds of parts, tools and equipment. These are now offered in a lighter weight ½ ton truck version which again provides valuable savings on fuel costs.

 Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies is light enough for pickup trucks and a perfect match for continuous fuel and maintenance fleet savings. Load'N'Go truck bodies are completely transferable, on and off a pickup truck in minutes with no-holes-drilled installation. This means flexibility and higher overall value for fleets.  All Load'N'Go service body models are made of galvanized steel making them durable and long-lasting. 

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Designing the Ultimate Work Truck

When designing a work truck, the objective should be to optimize the vehicle to achieve the best overall return for dollar spent.  Being that a work truck is a piece of equipment that helps your employees do their jobs, it is important that the equipment enhances productivity.  When it comes to designing a good working work truck there are three common mistakes that occur, according to NTEA director of fleet relations:

Working Out of Order: rather the starting with addressing the body and equipment, many people start the specification-writing process with the truck chassis.
Doing What You’ve Always Done: make sure to keep up with changes rather than replicating an existing vehicle
Taking Your Best Guess:  in many cases, truck designers make powertrain selection guesses instead of a careful analysis of horsepower and engine torque demands

A great addition to consider when designing a work truck is the Fleetwest Load’N’Go ST-2000.  The Load’N’Go ST-2000 is a fully transferable truck body even when loaded.  This means flexibility and higher overall value for fleets. An optional 1000 lb capacity drawer can be added to the Load'N'Go ST-2000 to provide extra organized storage in addition to the double-locking side compartments.

For more information call your Fleetwest representative toll-free at 866-497-7200 or go online to get a on the Load'N'Go ST-2000 by clicking here.