Monday, August 26, 2019

Be the most envied tech in your trade!

When it comes time to up fitting a work truck, there are a few things to consider. Accessories, Accessories, and Accessories! Not only can they help with organization and make you more efficient, but it can also make for a safer work environment. With a Fleetwest service body we have the innovative solutions to create the ideal work truck so you can work smarter, not harder!

Durashell 175LP by Fleetwest
Durashell 175LP 
Driving a work truck can make getting into parking structures difficult. Fleetwest tackled that solution head on with a ladder rack that does not compromise storage space. This low-profile ladder rack is the first integrated ergonomic ladder rack of its kind. The hydraulic double-drop down ladder rack is 8" shorter and 60 lbs. lighter than traditional work truck ladder racks. Drivers will have improved fuel economy because of the lighter weight and better aerodynamics. Technicians also benefit from the convenience of a low-profile work truck that can drive into parking garages, car washes, and drive-thru restaurants.

Accessories that optimize service body space and make the job easier can take a work truck from good to great. The fiberglass Durashell, by Fleetwest can be equipped with a long list of options for that ideal work truck. A few examples are:

·         100 percent extension, 1000 lb. capacity aluminum slides
           make accessing supplies easy and painless
·         Cabinets and shelving with side access provide organized storage
           to keep track of inventory
·         Dividers and storage bins in various sizes to help with proper tool storage
·         Additional interior and exterior LED lighting for convenience and safety
·         Low profile, hydraulic ladder racks for easy accessibility

Whatever you accessorize your Fleetwest service body with, it will make you the most efficient and envied technician in your trade.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Custom pickup work truck

Finding a truck to fit your inner personality is easier today than it was even 10 years ago. It is now more popular than ever to get a customized truck straight from the dealerships. Special edition pickups are available from all the major manufacturers. Many truck owners in the past would drive a truck off the dealership lot and then start the painstaking customization process, piece by piece. Now you can walk into any dealership and every truck looks custom. Even if it’s the same truck, because of the options available to you the customer. Everything cosmetic with options like custom rims, grilles, emblems, paint jobs, etc. to function such as cab size, tow packages, side steps, bed liners, lights…and the list goes on and on! Take for example the Sublime Green Limited Edition Dodge Ram 1500.
2017 Ram 1500 Sublime Green-Limited Edition photo courtesy of
The same process can be done with your work pickup truck. You can start with the truck you have or start shopping for a brand new truck and Fleetwest can help you build a work truck that suits you and your company needs. Choose a Load’N’Go model and then start adding your options, such as:
  • Ladder or material racks
  • Slide out trays
  • Adjustable shelving
  • Drawer dividers
  • Vice Mounts & Tool Holders

The customizing doesn’t have to stop there, either. The service bodies all come to you white powder coated, the perfect canvas for your creation to paint or even wrap it. One of my favorite examples is "Big Red" that Pro Pickup Magazine customized a Fleetwest Load'N'Go for a give away back in 2013.

The Fleetwest service body models fix to the truck bed using a clamping system, making them fully transferable from one truck bed to another.  Even fully loaded! Call Fleetwest today toll-free in the U.S. at (866) 497-7200 and create your own limited edition. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Transferable Q & A

Q: Why a Transferable Truck Body?

A: The ability to remove a truck body from your pickup truck in minutes, fully loaded, means gaining valuable access to a work-free pickup truck.

Q: What kind of truck will it fit?

A: A universal fit for full size pickup trucks Ford, Dodge, GM, Toyota Tundra with 8' and 6.5' beds. Unfortunately we don't have bodies that fit the smaller trucks; Tacoma, Colorado or Ranger.

Q: What model options are available?

A: There are several steel Load'N'Go models as well as
fiberglass/composite Durashell models to choose from. All models can easily be customized with options to suit your needs; such as ladder or material racks, bed slides, shelving, dividers, lifting jacks, lighting and much more!

Q: How does it work?

A: Fleetwest service bodies can be easily removed from pickup trucks with a Fork lift, crane with lifting tubes, or by Jacks. With a four point clamping system, there is no need to drill holes, so it's OK to move onto a rented or leased truck in case of an emergency or needed repairs. Acquiring a transferable truck body provides the flexibility of having a pickup truck, and multiple work trucks.

Q: Where can I purchase one?

A:  or Call toll-free in the U.S. 866-497-7200. 

Still have questions? 

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Sportsman (top left), Security Top (top right), Powerbody (bottom left), Open bed (bottom right)

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

To Buy or Lease?? That is the Question...

Have you wanted or needed to buy a new work truck? The next question that every business owner or fleet manager must now answer...Do we lease or do we buy a new work truck?

Unfortunately, this question will need to be asked and answered several times. Even after the pros and cons, every financial option and business demands have been weighed, there is always that little voice of doubt- “did I make the right choice?” The answer is never clear cut and depending on your company’s needs, both options have their advantages. Leasing a new vehicle has its appeal, but is more restrictive and ultimately more expensive than buying and keeping it for a while.

Leasing Pros:
Lease payments are lower than loan payments
Get a new car every few years
      - Latest safety equipment, technology and warranty
No hassles at the end of a lease
      - Hand over keys if all requirements were met
Additional financial incentives
      - Can be claimed as a tax deduction

Leasing Cons:
You don’t own the vehicle
      - Must be maintained in excellent condition and no modifying
Penalties for wear, tear, and mileage
    - Plan to pay for excessive mileage or poor condition
Depreciation fees at end of lease
Endless payments
      - Could end up paying more in the long run

Whether you lease or buy, Fleetwest has the service body for your fleet work truck. Fleetwest offers both heavy duty steel and fiberglass service bodies that are 100% transferable, even fully loaded, with a no holes drilled installation. These units are built to outlast many vehicles. That makes them a better return on investment! Not to mention more efficient and increase technician productivity. This decision is a no-brainier!

Load'N'Go Open Bed with optional full coverage ladder rack

Check it out for yourself here. Call for a quote today toll-free in the U.S. 
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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

(SOLD) Used Load'N'Go Security Tops!!

Need a Service Body and need to save money too? 
Fleetwest has a deal for you!

We got our hands on some used Load'N'Go Security Tops 
and would like to pass the savings along to you.....

All Sold...3 Units  8' Long Bed Models
Universal Fit for FORD/GM/DODGE 
Units Include: 
14' Cab Over Ladder Rack w/Ratchet Straps
Side Cabinet Shelving (not shown in pictures)
Drawer Dividers
Rear Grab Handles
Water Cooler Bracket
Fire Extinguisher Bracket

Remember these service bodies are used, so they are not pristine; 
some wear and surface marks but still in good working condition. 
Used units are hard to come by, so they will go fast! 
Don't pass up this opportunity to save! 

Please contact us for details, price and freight quote 800-497-7200
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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Long Lasting Alternative!

Vehicle downtime is inevitable; For this reason, Fleetwest offers 100% transferable 
service bodies that are built to outlast multiple trucks. These are fully transferable 
truck bodies that eliminate the need to tediously unload tools and equipment  only to 
reload them onto the replacement pickup truck. Models in both the Load’N’Go and 
Durashell lines can be transferred from one truck to another. So there is no need to 
move anything but the body itself with all your tools already loaded inside!

- Easy & convenient

- Saves you money

- Reduces downtime

- Work more efficiently

This transfer can be easily and successfully completed with the use of lifting jacks, a forklift,
or a crane in a matter of minutes! So next time your fleet vehicle is down or in the shop 
for repairs or maintenance, you won’t have to worry about lost revenue and increased 
downtime on the job.

With a Load'N'Go, you can rest assure that your toolbox is not just built to last, but to outlast! 
We have companies that are on their 5 or more truck with the same service body!

Let Fleetwest show you how to start adding years to the lifecycle of your service vehicles 
by calling toll-free in the U.S at (866) 497–7200 or visiting us online for a detailed price quote at


Monday, May 6, 2019

Start Your Fleet’s Evolution Today!

Trucks sure have come a long way in the last 60 years…so why not the same with work trucks? It's time to change the way your Fleet or technician handles tool storage. Instead of  buying the same old Bolt-On bodies that havn't changed in years, it’s time to think outside of the box; or in this case, inside of the truck bed.

Have you heard about the latest work truck technology? The fully transferable truck bodies from Fleetwest are the most versatile and user friendly service - utility bodies available today. We have a proven technology for increasing technician efficiency and reducing fleet costs.


The Load’N’Go Open Bed by Fleetwest is just one example. It looks very similar to a bolt-on, but can be transferred from one truck bed to another fully loaded, with a no-holes drilled installation. This ability reduces downtime if a vehicle is in need of repair; or removed and put on jacks at a job site to keep your tools safe and secure during the duration of a project.

The Load’N’Go is a universal fit for new or existing fleet trucks; full size Ford, Chevy/GMC, Dodge and Toyota trucks with 8’ long and 6.5’ short beds. These service bodies have the ability to outlast multiple trucks, meaning you get the highest return on investment with a transferable truck body. And that is just a few of the cost-saving benefits.

Check out the whole Load'N'Go line, the additional options available and get a price quote @

Friday, April 19, 2019

Versatile Service Truck Body

An important factor to look for in a service body is versatility. An open mind and creative thinking can transfer your work truck into a successful business.

The 175 by Fleetwest is ideal for multiple industries and a universal fit for 
full size pickup models with 8' or 6.5' beds.

Food Service | Emergency Response | Utilities/Satelite Repair | HVAC

The 175 fiberglass service bodies are completely transferable fully loaded from one pickup truck to another. The outer surfaces on the fiberglass models are also the perfect canvas for logo wraps creating a mobile billboard for your local advertisement.

The innovative truck bodies by Fleetwest are as versatile as they come 
and help to create flexible fleets.

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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Long vs. Short

Have you noticed that over the years that shorter truck beds are more popular?  You are not alone. 

It’s not that trucks are getting any shorter, but the cab lengths are getting longer. With the popularity of trucks in the U.S, the crew cab is a must due to more passenger space needed for everyday use. Therefore, people tend to lean towards the standard bed length because of the overall length of the vehicle. Not to mention that most dealerships always have the standard beds available but the 8 foot beds are a special order that adds time to receive. What if that truck is to be used as a work truck?

Since you are in need of a work truck now and waiting may not be an option, standard or long bed makes no difference with a Load’N’Go service body by Fleetwest. The Load’N’Go service bodies are 100% transferable and have more storage capacity than a conventional bolt-on.  Constructed of heavy duty 16ga steel with a powder coated finish and are a universal fit for full size trucks with 6.5’ & 8’ beds; The Load’N’Go are the best service body solution available.

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Load'N'Go Security top with full coverage ladder rack
Load'N'Go Sportsman

Load'N'Go Open Bed

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Add Years To Your Fleets' Life Cycle

When should we replace our vehicles? This is an important question for any business owner or fleet manager. Service vehicles are your company assets and may need some long needed maintenance to extend its longevity, if not replacement. Maybe they lost their shine, are showing their age or just look tired. If it looks like they need some outer TLC, they probably need some servicing on the inside as well. 

How has your vehicle been performing? Take into consideration your vehicles performance history. Think of it like a health check for your fleet. It's important to review your vehicles expenditures. If you feel your maintenance costs are on the climb, you may consider doing a cost analysis. Life cycle cost analysis is the key to optimal timing for vehicle replacement in fleets. 

According to Work Truck the following are recommendations on what to review:
  • Interest cost for capital expenditures
  • Inflation rate for adjusting life cycle maintenance and operating costs
  • Vehicle depreciation rate            
  • Purchase cost of vehicle
  • Estimated maintenance and operating costs
Load'N'Go 6000 on Ram 2500 picture provided by Work Truck Solutions

Fleetwest can add years to the life cycle of your service vehicle with a transferable service body. All of the units can be transferred off a retired pickup and placed into another pickup truck with a no-holes drilled installation. This creates a higher resell value for the pickup truck and your service body making it a huge asset to any fleet!  

To find out how to add years to your fleets’ life cycle call 
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Friday, February 15, 2019

Prevent Downtime

Downtime cost is an important factor to consider when running an entire fleet as well as a small business. Fleet and self-employed technicians alike depend on their vehicles to get the job done. Accidents, driver time off, work truck maintenance and repairs result in costly downtime. Simply put, there is no good time for downtime.

With traditional bolt-on service bodies, continuing to operate a work truck depends on the condition of the pickup or van. This means that an individual or company continues to incur expenses until the vehicle is repaired. When a vehicle and its driver are both out, there is a considerable loss per hour between hard and soft costs. Preventative measures can be taken to avoid downtime and to handle these costs

The best way to lower or eliminate downtime costs is by having a plan that did not depend on the condition of the vehicle. Fleetwest offers such innovative and alternative service vehicle solutions in a multitude of heavy duty steel and lightweight fiberglass composite models; The Load’N’Go and Durashell service bodies which are all 100% transferable.

When a truck is in the shop for maintenance or an accident occurs, Fleetwest service bodies can be moved from the damaged truck and onto another in minutes, fully loaded. Load'N'Go and Durashell service bodies are installed with the use of lifting jacks, forklift or a crane and since no holes are drilled there is no permanent damage done to the pickup or service body.

This way your technician can continue to their service calls with their personal service body, tools and equipment until their vehicle is repaired and then the service body can be transferred back again. Fleetwest service bodies universally fit most full size pickup trucks, Chevy, Ford, Dodge and Toyota, with 8’ and 6.5’ beds and are built to last multiple truck cycles.

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Friday, January 11, 2019

A New Year Brings New Innovations...

As we have stated before, the Load'N'Go Transferable Service Bodies by Fleetwest have more storage capacity than a conventional bolt-on body, are a universal fit for Full Size trucks (Ford/GM/Ram) with 6.5' and 8' beds, and are fully transferable from truck to truck, even fully loaded.

But a New Year brings New Innovations! So along with all the heavy duty original features, the New 2019 Load’N’Go service bodies are now sporting an upgrade. This year’s models have a new smooth, single action drawer system that makes access to your tools even easier! 

Let’s not forget about the additional options such as: Ladder Racks, Bed Slides, Lift Jacks and more. The highest build quality in the industry and Made in the U.S.A. Simply put these are the best pickup work truck solution out there! 

Get a detailed price quote today or check us out online at'N'Go/index.html