Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Gas or Diesel? The Age Old Question

The age-old question of “is a gas or diesel truck better”, always comes up when it’s time to purchase a new truck. Since there is no right or wrong answer to this question, there are still pros and cons to consider. It really comes down to which is the best fit for your business or fleet’s needs.

Recent advancements on gasoline engines, such as direct injection and turbocharging, have bridged that gap on better fuel economy, as well as power, between gas and diesel fueled vehicles. Whereas diesel fuel used to cost less than gas in the past, that is not so much the case any longer. It’s seems to have reversed gears with diesel costing more than gas does. According to motorist.org, the price increase is due to the addition refining to make ultra-low sulfur diesel now required to be legal to use in modern diesel powered vehicles (including heavy trucks). Diesel engines may still have the edge on mileage, but it is not as it was before, also due to the emissions controls and the ultra-low sulfur fuel.

The cost of a diesel truck is an average of $5,000+ more than its gas-powered counterparts. This is also not even considering the costs required to maintain diesel engines. However, diesel trucks generally do offer better resale value; which is a huge plus if you are leasing your truck.

Now, when it comes to power, there is no denying that diesel engines have more torque to give them the edge here. This is an advantage especially if using the truck for extensive towing or heavy duty hauling. These points and more are covered by the guys at TFLtruck.com. Check out this video 
 Heavy Duty Gas or Diesel? Which Truck is Best For You?
TFLtruck.com Heavy Duty Gas or Diesel? Which Truck Is Best For You?

Whether you choose a diesel or gas powered truck, any of the Fleetwest service bodies will help to complete the ideal work truck. Fleetwest has a variety of steel and fiberglass service bodies that are a universal fit in most full size truck beds. These bodies will also help contribute with the resale value because of the no holes drilled installation. All service bodies are 100% transferable from one pickup truck bed to another even fully loaded. The Load'N'Go Security Top even has a flip top, fully removable, allowing the ability to adjust for larger load items.

Load'N'Go Security Top
Load'N'Go Security Top 

For more information, please visit our website www.fleetwest.net or call us toll-free in the U.S. at (866) 497-7200.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

What Is The Lifecycle Of Your Fleet?

When should we replace our vehicles? This is an important question for any business owner or fleet manager. Service vehicles are your company assets and may need some long needed maintenance to extend its longevity, if not replacement. Maybe they lost their shine, are showing their age or just look tired. If it looks like they need some outer TLC, they probably need some servicing on the inside as well. 

How has your vehicle been performing? Take into consideration your vehicles performance history. Think of it like a health check for your fleet. It's important to review your vehicles expenditures. If you feel your maintenance costs are on the climb, you may consider doing a cost analysis. Lifecycle cost analysis is the key to optimal timing for vehicle replacement in fleets. 

According to Work Truck the following are recommendations on what to review:
  • Interest cost for capital expenditures
  • Inflation rate for adjusting lifecycle maintenance and operating costs
  • Vehicle depreciation rate            
  • Purchase cost of vehicle
  • Estimated maintenance and operating costs

Load'N'Go Security Top by Fleetwest

Fleetwest can add years to the lifecycle of your service vehicle with a transferable service body. All of the units can be transferred off a retired pickup and placed into another pickup truck with a no-holes drilled installation. This creates a higher resell value for the pickup truck and your service body making it a huge asset to any fleet!  

To find out how to add years to your fleets’ lifecycle call (866)497-7200 or visit www.fleetwest.net

Monday, July 3, 2017

Transferable How?

Fleetwest is an innovative fleet solutions company specializing in transferable service bodies for pickup trucks. They offer both fiberglass composite and steel constructed transferable service bodies for standard pickup trucks. Fleetwest service bodies are designed to outlast multiple trucks and be a versatile solution through a universal truck fit design. A no holes drilled installation allows it to transfer from one truck to another in minutes. There are three ways you can transfer the service bodies on/off:

  • Forklift
  • Lifting Jacks
  • Crane

The Load’N’Go steel service body has forklift tunnels built into every model and can be transferred from truck to truck while fully loaded. This saves valuable man hours and there is no downtime on the job site hunting for tools in a borrowed service vehicle.  The lifting jack method allows the service technician more flexibility in transferring the service body on the job site or at a remote location where a forklift might not be available.  Using a crane to transfer the service body is the quickest and easiest method, however this method does require additional lifting tubes. No matter which transfer option you use, the transferable truck body will add valuable flexibility and cost savings to your service fleet. 
transfer 3 ways
For instructional videos please visit their You Tube page at https://www.youtube.com/user/Fleetwest1/videos.
Transferability changes everything!
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