Thursday, April 25, 2013

Service Body Fleet News

NAFA Institute and Expo Update

We are in the midst of the "fleet industry event of the year" and this year the NAFA Institute and Expo is being held in NAFA's hometown, New Jersey. The pressure is on to make this the best expo yet. NAFA is an association involved in fleet education, safety, fuels and maintenance, asset management and sustainability. Atlantic City is full of people drawn from around the world with fleet related questions and concerns, and the professionals with the solutions.

Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies attended the NAFA Institute and Expo last year and provided solutions to your safety, fuel efficiency, and durability fleet needs. Offering heavy duty steel construction Load'N'Go service bodies and light-weight fiberglass Durashell service bodies for fuel economy, Fleetwest provides a variety of high-quality, innovative pickup truck options.

Durashell and Load'N'Go Transferable Service Bodies
This years sessions, in response to NAFA member requests, focus on topics that affect fleet managers the most. Keynote speakers from CEO's to a race car driver educate attendees on safety precautions and regulations, fuel efficiency, and how the state of the economy is effecting fleets. Representatives from Ford, Chrysler, and GM discussed what is in store for fleets in the upcoming year.

Attendees have been enjoying networking with 270 exhibitors on the I and E expo floor, including top vehicle management, leasing companies, software suppliers, and maintenance and repair companies. The Green Zone on the expo floor has information on the latest clean diesel technologies, alternative and renewable fuel, and hybrid fleet vehicles.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Service Truck Body of the Week

Load'N'Go TSS

The name says it all. The service truck body of the week is the Load'N'Go TSS, Tall Super Structure, by Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies. This heavy-duty service body is the largest of the Load'N'Go fleet and has tons of storage space. It's tall structure allows room for unique cargo without sacrificing security and weather protection.The TSS has two different rear door options, barn door or roll top, both pictured below. As an added benefit, the top slides back, becoming an open-top service body for unlimited storage space and access to the bed of your pickup truck.
Large Service Body for Universal Pickup Trucks
Load'N'Go TSS Barn Door
Transferable Service Body with Removable Top
                                 Load'N'Go TSS Roll-up Door

  • The Load'N'Go TSS is a universal fit for GMC, Chevy, Ford, and Ram long bed pickup trucks.
  • With this service body, you can leave your tailgate on for convenience and safety. 
  • All Load'N'Go service bodies are fully transferable with the use of lifting jacks that can tackle 2000 lbs or the standard built-in forklift tunnels. 
  • The convenience of transferability allows you to switch pickup trucks in minutes without having to unload and load your tools and cargo. 
  • T-handle and cylinder locks provide much needed security against theft and damage
  •  The 1000 lb capacity customizable drawer has a 70% extension rate, preventing injury and downtime

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Great West Fleet Executive Conference

The Only One of it's Kind in the Nation

The Great West Fleet Executive Conference is coming to the Venetian Titian Ballroom in Las Vegas, Nevada May 29-30, 2013. "The only conference that helps fleets meet the challenges of doing business in the West" according to The Great West Fleet Executive Conference is developed in conjunction with the California Trucking Association, Overdrive, and ATBS. 

The theme of the Great West Fleet Executive Conference is to educate fleets on issues they face doing business in the West. Learn about how companies such as Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies enable fleets to conquer unique issues such as state and local regulations, safety precautions, fuel efficiency, and durable equipment that will withstand extreme hot or cold temperatures.The Durashell by Fleetwest is an example of a service body that exceeds these expectations. Made of lightweight fiberglass material, the Durashell (pictured below) has excellent fuel efficiency while maintaining durability and safety standards.
Durashell Service Body with Utility Side Compartments and Slides
Durashell 170
Seminars at the Great West Fleet Executive Conference include information on the state of the trucking industry, options for infrastructure funding, the economic outlook for fleets, compliance, safety, and accountability when it comes to meeting equipment and classification requirements. With 200+ exhibitors that offer products and services for the truck industry and 300,000 square feet of exhibit space, there will be plenty of opportunities to interact with fleet professionals. As a bonus, the annual Pride and Polish Truck Beauty Contest will be held.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Service Body Questions Solved

Transportation Solutions

Who benefits from service bodies?

Service industries such as contractors, electricians, home remodeling, technicians, HVAC, municipalities, plumbers, utility companies, construction, and maintenance workers all utilize service trucks. Service bodies allow you to conveniently bring your tools and material out into the job site.

What should you look for in a service body?
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Appearance
  • Transferability

Where can you find quality service bodies?

Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies offers quality Durashell and Load'N'Go service bodies. You can go to to get a quote or to check out the many options available. also provides a large selection of new and used service bodies for your work truck. 

Transferable Load'N'Go Sportsman Servie Body with Ladder Rack
Load'N'Go Sportsman

Why do you need transportation solutions?

Improved service call efficiencies, secure and organized tool storage, efficient parts inventory control, and instant access to materials are reasons to have a high-quality service body. Get service body strength, durability, and support for efficiency in the field. Transferable service bodies are especially useful because you can easily remove it from one pickup truck to another fully loaded, eliminating downtime and creating versatility amongst your fleet.

How to solve your transportation needs:
Quality service bodies will protect your cargo from the elements while maintaining a long-term quality appearance. The same prime and paint process used in the auto industry can be used on utility bodies, meaning you will have the same quality in appearance as your pickup truck. Heavy-duty bed liner allows for rough usage without the damage. You should get consistent performance at any temperature as well as continuous corrosion protection. 

Strength and security comes in the form of secure double-locking capability, with both cylinder and padlocks. Heavy duty 16 gauge steel construction will ensure durability and longevity. The lifecycle of your service body should outlast multiple pickup trucks. Galvanized steel shelves can be organized to keep track of your parts inventory. Side compartments are the busiest storage area on work trucks and provide you options for parts inventory control. Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies provide the most efficient transportation solutions for the service industry.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Service Body Upfit Rebate

Hard Work Pays Off

Did you know that you can get a cash rebate for a new truck(s) with commercial upfits? Most business owners aren't aware that when they use their trucks in daily work operations they can get rewarded with a variety of incentive programs. The rebate is usually $500-$1,000 and is deducted from the price of your new pickup truck to be used for upgrades.

Chevy, GMC, and Ford all offer upfit rebates that can be used to equip your work truck with a service body. Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies provides a listing of pickup truck models that qualify for these upfit rebate programs and can be put towards the purchase of a new pickup truck that will be equipped with a Load'N'Go or Durashell service body.
Service Body for Work Pickup Truck Available with Upfit Rebate
Durashell 370

Transferable Pickup Truck Tool Box Service Body Upfit Rebate
Load'N'Go Sportsman

Chevy and GMC offer upfit equipment or card options such as upfit equipment packages or Lowe's cards and reward cards. The Load'N'Go Sportsman (pictured above) available at if you chose the Lowe's gift card rebate option. The only stipulation for upfit rebates is that the vehicle must be used in day-to-day operations, which is the case for most work trucks. Many companies such as GMC combine the upfit cash allowance with their two year, 30,000 mile maintenance program. GM calls theirs the Business Choice program. If you are in the market for a new work truck, the upfit rebate program is a great opportunity to take advantage of.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Work Truck News Update

Best Pickup Truck

A dependability study done by J.D. Power and Associates ranked the GMC Sierra HD the best pickup truck from the past three years. The ranking includes the GMC 2500 HD 3/4 ton pickup, as well as the 3500 HD 1 ton model. The Big Red project truck given away by Pro Pickup Magazine is a GMC Sierra 3500 HD with a Powerbody by Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies. What makes the GMC Sierra HD the best pickup truck? It is designed to do the job well, and to do it everyday.

Project Truck with Service Body Give Away to Win Big Red
Big Red GMC Sierra 3500 HD Project Truck

Safe Driving Practices

Educating fleet employees on safe driver practices will help improve the corporate bottom line. Caring for vehicles with scheduled inspections and good upkeep is a start, but you can further save on maintenance costs with less vehicle wear and tear. Most warranties for pickup trucks and service bodies specify monthly or semi-annual maintenance such as moving part lubrication and do not cover accidents or exterior damage. You will save on insurance if fleet employees practice safe driving methods. The biggest return on safe driver education by far will be lowering fuel costs. Create an education plan involving defensive driving skills, vehicle awareness, and trailer towing techniques based on your industry. These key points will provide immediate results to lower fuel, insurance, and maintenance costs.

New Work Truck Products
  • Load'N'Go Sportsman - transferable service body by Fleetwest with full length aluminum diamond plate side boxes fits the GMC Sierra 2500 and 3500 HD named best pickup trucks by J.D. Power and Associates 

Transferable Service Body by Fleetwest

  • Hydraulic ladder racks - hydraulically lower ladders and materials from service bodies for easier access, saving back injury and eliminating technician downtime
  • Economical Wheels - heavy duty steel wheels for work trucks are especially designed for off-roaders and trailers to be durable and long-lasting
  • Tradesman Drawer -  the secure full size Load'N'Go customizable drawer with 1000 lb capacity and a tough, durable bed-liner will optimize storage capacity in your work truck

Heavy Duty 1000 lb Capacity Service Body Drawer

  • Steering Stabilizers - improve the pickup truck's handling and allow for faster heat dissipation, protecting from overheating

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Service Truck Body of the Week

Load'N'Go Powerbody

You are out on the job site and you need to use your power hand tools, welder, or halogen lighting. Namely, you need power, and lots of it. The Load'N'Go Powerbody by Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies is my choice for the service truck body of the week because it has an all-in-one power system built in. Get the convenience of having a generator, welder, battery booster, and compressor anywhere you go. The transferability of the Powerbody means you can slip it off your work truck and on to another in minutes fully loaded. Review the previous article with a short video on the Load'N'Go Powerbody.

Service Body Power System with Generator, Compressor, and Welder
Military Version of the Load'N'Go Powerbody

  •  Vaniar Air-N-Arc Pro 150 all-in-one power system with built in generator, compressor, battery booster and optional welder for on-site work station capabilities
  • Remote control panel in either front side compartment for easy access to operations with secure double locks to prevent theft or damage
  • 1000 lb capacity pull-out drawer for optimal storage space and organization
  •  Forklift tunnels or optional lifting jacks for easy transferability to eliminate downtime when a truck is in for repairs

All in One Power System for Transferable Service Truck Body
Vanair Air-N-Arc Pro 150 Power System
The Load'N'Go Powerbody fits all major brand pickup trucks such as the F350, Ram 2500, Chevy 2500HD, and GMC 3500. The Fit Guide at is an interactive tool that helps you find a transferable service body to fit your pickup truck.
Service Body Organized Side Compartments for Storage
Organized Storage Compartments

Remote Control Panel for Service Body Power System
Remote Control Panel

A.  Welder master ON/OFF switch and battery boosting activator
B.  Voltage adjustment knob
C.  Tank air pressure gauge
D.  Hourmeter/Tachometer (Shows RPM while running and hours while stopped)
E.  Low fuel light (Comes on when 1/4 tank remaining)
F.   AC Voltmeter (Should run around 240 Volts when generator switched ON)
G.  Keyed remote start with choke switch
H. 110 Volt plugs with 20 Amp capacity
I.   20 Amp circuit breaker resets for 110V and 240V plugs
J.   Generator ON switch
K. 20 Amp 240V receptacle
L.  Welder control receptacle
M. Air outlet
N.  Main weld current plug
O. Weld select switch "Spool Gun"

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Aluminum Pickup Trucks and Service Bodies

 Work Trucks for the Future

Ford Motor Company is working on a pickup truck with a body largely made from aluminum, according the the Wall Street Journal. Why diverge from the classic, heavy-duty steel pickup truck bodies? Ford is most likely trying to accommodate the tougher federal fuel-economy targets that are taking effect. Pickup truck advertising has already shifted from "tough and rugid" to "smart and green."

Using a material such as aluminum significantly decreases the overall weight of a pickup truck. Lighter weight means better fuel economy (good for the company) and less money spent on gas expense (good for the consumer). When re-engineered, the aluminum pickup truck bodies will be just as tough as the steel bodies. Aluminum is also infinitely recyclable, as is steel. The only downside to using aluminum over steel is the higher cost, a problem Ford can surely handle.

Some service truck bodies and pickup tool boxes are also "going green" with the use of lightweight materials such as aluminum and fiberglass. Review a previous article for more information about lightweight fiberglass service bodies. The Sportsman by Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies features full length aluminum diamond plate side boxes, drawer, and rear compartment doors. These utility bodies are fuel efficient because they will not greatly impact the weight of your pickup truck. The Sportsman is the perfect match for Ford's future aluminum pickup trucks. It fits all major brand pickup trucks, both long bed and short bed and is now conveniently available at

Light Weight Transferable Pickup Truck Service Bodies
Load'N'Go Sportsman Pickup Truck Tool Box

Service Body for Ford Pickup Trucks
Now Available at

Monday, April 15, 2013

Service Body Power System

The Powerbody by Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies is the ultimate workshop on wheels. TruckU on the SPEED Channel aired their episode featuring the Powerbody over the weekend. This service body is perfect for field work because it is made to operate in an industrial environment. The Powerbody comes equipped with a built in Vanair Air-N-Arc Pro 150 all-in-one power system that is weather proof and can operate in extreme conditions from -55 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The Air-N-Arc Pro 150 Includes:
  • Stick Welder (Optional) - 150 amps, high frequency CC/DC
  • Generator - 120 volts/240 volts
  • Battery Booster/Charger - 150 amps, 12 volts/24 volts 
  • Air Compressor - 20 cfm, 100 psi

2 Minute Powerbody Video

The Powerbody remote control panel is easy to access and can be mounted in either of the front side compartments  which are secured with both cylinder locks and padlocks to prevent theft or damage. The panel comes standard with 20 ft welder leads and 20 ft battery cables. The Powerbody with Vanair technology's best feature is that it is fully transferable and will slip off your pickup truck fully loaded for convenience and efficiency in the field or at home, making it the ultimate transferable workshop.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Fuel Efficient Fleet Management

Now more than ever, fleet managers are looking for ways to reduce fuel cost. Consequently, they are also creating more sustainable work environments. Three ways that you can manage your fuel spending are:

1. Alternative Vehicle Choices - Using compact or midsize pickup trucks rather than large trucks and vans can greatly reduce your gas bill. Alternative engines such as the powerful 13.0L diesel is  more fuel efficient than the 15.0L-plus engine. Drum brakes can be replaced with discs which are lighter and exposed to outside air to avoid overheating. Service truck bodies made of light-weight fiberglass composite and transferable truck bodies are both alternative methods that fleet managers can use to reduce life-cycle cost. Alternative vehicle choices are often used in a companies sustainability initiative. The Durashell 170 by Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies (pictured below) will reduce your fuel cost and your footprint.
Light - Weight Transferable Service Body
Durashell 170 Light-Weight Transferable Truck Body
2. Monitoring Driving Behaviors - Drivers can use methods such as eliminating fast starts and avoiding excessive idling in order to reduce fuel consumption as much as 19 percent. Apps for smartphones are available to find the cheapest gas, which can sometimes be a difference of 20-30 cents. Modifying the way you drive is a small, cost-free change that will save you money.

3. Acquire the Right Equipment - "Rightsizing" is a method that will help you pay less in both the acquisition cost of a vehicle and fuel cost. 3/4 and 1/2 ton trucks can usually get the job done just as well as a 1-ton pickup. Pickup trucks generally have a lower life-cycle cost than comparable vans, especially the four-wheel drive versions. Acquiring the right truck for the job will help you avoid unnecessary costs and financing alternatives can help improve cash flow. It is also important to find the right size service body for your pickup. has a Fit Guide that allows you to match up your truck to different slip-on utility bodies.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Service Bodies for Light-Duty Pickup Trucks

Compact and Midsize Pickup Trucks are Making a Comeback

Realistically, the trend for pickup trucks on steroids isn't going anywhere. We all want a truck that's bigger, badder, and more durable than the other guys'. But if you can get similar payload capabilities, high tow ratings, and equal durability as a full-size pickup with the added benefit of fuel efficiency and a lower cost, how can you resist? With the Car and Driver report that Ford is considering the idea of a 'global' compact pickup, long overdue after the decease of the Ranger in December, 2011, there is reasonable speculation that the pickup truck's sportier little brother is making a comeback. 

We have seen plenty examples of pickup trucks that prove bigger isn't always better. The Toyota Tacoma (midsize pickup sales leader), GMC Sonoma, Chevy Colorado, Nissan Frontier, Isuzu 290, Ford Ranger, and the Mazda B-Series (the Ranger's twin) give full-size, supped up pickups a run for their money, literally. Compact and midsize trucks are much cheaper in price than full-sized pickups, but they still hold their value. Their smaller size increases their government fuel economy rating, and more importantly saves you money. Don't let their size fool you though, these trucks are tough. You can get a payload up to 1720 and towing capacity of 7160 meaning durable hauling capabilities in a smaller, easy to maneuver vehicle. 

Adding a heavy, bulky service body to a compact pickup truck takes away from the benefits of fuel efficiency and driving ease. Durashells by Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies are made of a light-weight fiberglass that won't defeat your gas tank. Like a light-duty pickup, they are durable and provide utility for your work truck without taking away from it's capability. The Durashell 90 and Durashell 165 are made to fit all major brand light-weight pickups listed previously, and provide 90 and 165 cubic feet of storage respectively, at only 300 lbs. The no-holes drilled installation provides all the benefits of easy transferability.

Light - Weight Service Truck Body for Compact Pickups
Durashell 90
Light - Duty Pickup Truck Service Body
Durashell 165

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Service Truck Body of the Week

Load'N'Go Sportsman Pickup Truck Tool Box

The Load'N'Go Sportsman by Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies is the winner for Service Body of the Week. This slip-on truck body's transferability, organized storage space, and sleek design makes it my top choice.
  • The Sportsman is the ultimate toolbox for your work truck. It is ideal for anyone from professional mechanics to hobbyists.The Service Body of the Week fits long and short bed models of the major brand pickup trucks: GMC, Chevy, Ford, Dodge, and Toyota. 
  • Featuring full-length, aluminum diamond-plated side boxes, the Sportsman has more than enough storage room for large tools, cargo supplies, and organized smaller compartments for small parts like nuts and bolts.
  • If two full-size side boxes aren't enough storage for you, the Sportsman also comes with an 1000 lb capacity slide-out drawer for extra storage and back-saving convenience. Still not enough storage? Add an optional headache rack or ladder rack.
  • You won't have to worry about the safety of your tools because the Load'N'Go Sportsman has secure double locking compartments, both cylinder and padlock, to protect from theft and weather damage.  
  • The Load'N'Go Sportsman is now available at in both long bed and short bed models for your convenience.
Sportsman Service Body Pickup Truck Tool Box
Load'N'Go Sportsman on Toyota Tundra

Pickup Truck Service Body with Storage Compartments
Diamond Plated with Small and Large Storage Compartments
Service Body for Pickup Trucks with 1000 lb Capacity Drawer
The Ultimate Pickup Truck Tool Box
 Visit to get a quote for the Service Truck Body of the Week or visit

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

GMC Sierra 3500 HD Project Truck with Service Body

Drive Away in Big Red

Pro Pickup Magazine is picking a winner for Big Red, the loaded GMC Sierra 3500 HD project pickup truck with a red Load'N'Go Powerbody by Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies. The service truck received a great response when it was on display at the NTEA Work Truck Show in March. 

The Load'N'Go Powerbody slip-on service body features:
  • Vanair Air-N-Arc generator, compressor, battery boost, and welder with an easy access remote control panel in the side compartment
  • 1000 lb capacity heavy-duty slide-out drawer
  • Built-in forklift tunnels for quick, fully loaded transferability
GMC Sierra 3500 HD Pickup Truck with Powerbody Service Body
Big Red GMC Sierra 3500 HD Pickup Truck

Service Body with Air'N'Arc Compressor Welder and Generator
Air'N'Arc by Vanair
Fleetwest Load N Go Powerbody with Jacks
 Powerbody by Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies

Monday, April 8, 2013

Service Body for Pickup Truck Video

2 Minute YouTube Video: Load'N'Go Security Top

This two minute video by Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies demonstrates the features and benefits of the Load'N'Go Security Top shown on a 2011 Chevy 2500 HD pickup truck.

  • The Load'N'Go Security Top is a universal fit and works for new or used Ford, Chevy, Dodge, and GMC pickup trucks. Go to the Fit Guide at to see which service body will work for your truck. 
  • This service body features four side tool boxes and the front two tool boxes contain shelves and dividers for added organization benefits.
  •  Made from rugid 16-gauge steel, the Load'N'Go Security Top is durable and secure. The T-handle locking systems on all four tool boxes and the rear door are stainless steel to ensure your tools will be safe from theft or damage.
  • The secured rear door provides full access to your equipment and tools with no limit to storage space. A unique feature to the Load'N'Go Security Top is the sliding top which provides full access to the bed of your pickup truck. The top is easily removed by releasing built in locking points.
  • The 70% extension, fully customizable drawer and 2000 lb capacity, 100% extension slide-out tray make the Load'N'Go Security Top safe and easy to use. You can also leave your tailgate on, providing added security and convenience.
  • All Fleetwest service bodies are fully transferable, on and off your truck in minutes, fully loaded with built-in forklift tunnels or optional lifting jacks.
If you are interested in the Load'N'Go Security Top, you can find them on Commercial Truck Trader.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Top 10 Work Truck Trends

  • Increased Security - Fear of theft or damage to tools and equipment is a concern for all mechanics. Lockable storage, T handles, and the newest technologies in locking mechanisms are constantly being improved on utility truck bodies. Every preventative measure should be taken to give you peace of mind when it comes to valuable cargo.
  • Organization Options - We know that easily accessing and organizing tools is important. Work truck features such as side packs for storage, well organized divided compartments, and racks for hauling ladders are organization options available with most work truck bodies. Some even come standard. There should be no restriction on usable space in your work truck.
  • Fuel Efficiency - It's no secret that fuel costs are soaring. Gas can be a major expense for you or your company. Light-weight truck bodies made from fiber composite heavy duty fiberglass with aluminum fixtures can reduce your fuel expenses. Utility bodies are being made of new materials that are just as durable as the old, with the added benefit of fuel efficiency.
  • Safety Features - Spare utility workers heavy lifting with 100% extension pull-out slides and heavy capacity drawers. Reducing risk of back and body injury also reduces costly technician downtime. Professions such as auto glass repair or construction have high risk for injury. Service body options that reduce the risk for injury are appealing in these industries that involve heavy-lifting.
  • Transferability - Slip-on work truck bodies have endless benefits for utility truck owners. Having the ability to easily move your truck body from one pickup to another eliminates downtime and increases flexibility. With models on the market such as the Load'N'Go or Durashell by Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies, you can remove your utility body fully loaded with tools and equipment and put it on another pickup truck in minutes. This 2 minute YouTube video demonstrates how. 
  • Cost Effectiveness - Everyone wants to get the most worth out of their dollar. You can maximize the value of your truck and improve your company's or your own financial health by getting a durable, reasonably priced work truck body. A good quality work truck service body will have a lifespan that outlasts three or more pickup trucks.
  • Reduced Maintenance - Work truck maintenance is costly. Durable, quality, utility truck bodies will result in decreased maintenance costs. Another benefit to having a transferable slip-on truck body.
  • Versatility - The ability to perform repairs and maintenance on all different types of equipment from the convenience of your work truck is a essential for mechanics. Equipment needs to be kept up and running to spare costly downtime. A good service body will minimize downtime and increase productivity. Having a utility body that can be removed and placed on another pickup truck gives you the versatility of a fleet without the cost.
  • Customization - The options for customizing your utility tool box are endless. Open bed trucks can be used for larger supplies while closed-top service bodies provide extra security. Multiple storage tiers can be used for longer material, and smaller compartments are customizable for unique tools and fixtures. Full length slide-out drawers are great for cargo management and reduce risk of injury. The ability to customize your work truck to your particular industry increases job efficiency.
  • Durability - Pickup trucks should be able to manage large payload, have flexible road ability, and last for extended periods of time. With the new materials available, the life span of utility truck bodies is increasing. Powder-coating is available, and often standard, for weather protection and corrosion resistance. Durable materials include 16 gauge steel or high-quality aluminum, heavy duty bed liner, and stainless steel hinges and latches. Top-of-the-line truck bodies will outlast 3-4 pickup trucks with heavy usage.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Service Truck Body of the Week

Durashell 170 Service Truck Body

The Durashell 170 by Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies is my choice for the Truck Body of the Week
  • Perfect for cable and satellite repair service trucks, this work truck utility body has 170 cubic feet of storage but weighs in at only 385 lbs. That means less fuel cost without sacrificing much needed storage space.
  • The DS 170 is secure with locking rear and side access doors, so you don't have to worry about the safety of your expensive tools and work equipment.
  • Like all Fleetwest Durashell and Load'N'Go utility bodies, the no holes-drilled installation allows you to transfer the DS 170 from one work pickup truck to another fully loaded in minutes.

Durashell 170 by Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies for Service Body
Durashell 170 Cable Repair Service Truck

Service Truck Pickup Body by Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies
Perfect for Cable Repair and Maintenance

Service Truck Body Organized Compartments on Durashell
Organized Side Compartments for Extra Storage

Slide-Out Drawer Options and Accessories for Service Truck Body
                            Easily Accessible with Slide-out Trays 
The Durashell 170 fits all major brand long bed Pickup trucks; Chevy, GMC, Ford, Dodge, Toyota, and Nissan. This service truck body is easily transferable from a Chevy 1500 HD to a Dodge Ram 3500 or F250.

Get the Durashell 170 at

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Work Truck Options and Accessories

For Serious Work Trucks

There are thousands of accessories available to you for upgrading and enhancing your pickup truck. Mechanics and contractors need options for their work truck(s) that will increase productivity and efficiency. The following are my top 5 choices for utility body options.

Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies Extendable Slide
Extended Slide

Black Heavy Duty Ladder Rack
Ladder Rack

Side Tool Box on Load'N'Go Sportsman
Organized Divided Side Tool Box

Extended Drawer on Load'N'Go Sportsman
1000 lb Capacity Drawer

Load'N'Go Fully Transferable Jack System
Lifting Jacks
 Service trucks take utility body accessories a step farther by adding air compressors, generators, and welders to the mix. Having a mobile power station available at any job site increases productivity. The Powerbody by Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies is a great option for transferring your service station and power systems all at once.

Monday, April 1, 2013

NAFA 2013 Institute and Expo

Attention Fleet Managers
April is an exciting month for fleet managers and service body enthusiasts. The North American Fleet Association 2013 Institute and Expo is being held April 23-26 at the Atlantic City Convention Center. NAFA Institute and Expo will deliver the information on what effects you the most:
  • Cost-savings - i.e. investing in a high-quality service utility body that will outlast three pickup trucks and increase the value of your fleet
  • Safety - The latest safety features such as fully-extendable slides that can save you or your employees from back and body injury
  • Technology - Compressors, welders, and generators combined with slip-on utility bodies create a highly portable, mobile and powerful work-site.
  • Professional development concerns
Last year, Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies attended the NAFA Institute and Expo in St. Louis and showcased the all-in-one power system with Air N Arc technology, specifically designed for military needs. The slip-on truck body is a great example of cost-savings, safety, technology, and professional development combined.

Pickup Truck Military Service Body Slip-on Tool Box
Military Version of Load'N'Go All-in-One Power System

This year at NAFA, you can connect with professionals on the expo floor with more than 225 exhibitors attending.

The Green Zone will provide information on the newest clean diesel technologies and alternative fuel. Learn to build cleaner, more sustainable fleets. New this year, CALSTART non-profit association will host an educational training track to educate attendees on various alternative fuels. Hear about methods such as purchasing a pickup truck tool box made of light-weight materials in order to lower fuel costs.

President and CEO of the National Safety Council will be speaking to law enforcement and public management fleet managers about the newest safety procedures and technologies. Service utility beds like the much anticipated Road Warrior by Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies which will create a safer job environment and make road workers jobs more efficient.