Thursday, November 30, 2017

2018 Ford F-150: Walkaround | F-150 | Ford

I can think of one more innovation to add to the New F-150 and that would be a Fleetwest Load'N'Go. That is a work truck perfect match! Check out the innovative features of the Load'N'Go at

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Celebrating 100 Years of Chevy Trucks

The 2018 Model Trucks is a huge milestone for Chevy. It marks the Centennial for the production of the Chevrolet truck. It no doubt that Chevy is one of the most recognizable brands in the world after one hundred years and more than 85 million trucks. Chevrolet is celebrating their truck centennial by honoring the owners who have made Chevy Trucks a part of their lives. They kicked off with a 100 day long celebration that started September 28th at the State Fair of Texas and will conclude with a Chevy Truck Centennial Celebration event on December 16 at the Texas Motor Speedway.

You can read more about the Centennial Celebration and the new Special Editions here. Examples of how they are celebrating the centennial:
  •  New 2018 Silverado and Colorado Centennial Special Editions
  •  National rollout of the Chevy Truck Legends program
  •  Branded merchandise featuring Chevy heritage bowtie
  •  Chevy Trucks Centennial Celebration on Dec. 16, 2017
Since 1918, Chevrolet Trucks has focused on making the best of the best to meet every customer’s needs. A century later and they are still the only manufacturer to offer customers a three-truck portfolio --the Colorado, Silverado and Silverado HD-- as well as a full line of special editions to fit their needs and style.

Here at Fleetwest we have two Chevy Trucks that we use everyday. They make amazing work trucks. W, our 2006 Silverado HD, hauls around our 20 ft. trailer with a Load'N'Go service body in the back and three bodies on the trailer; all with 250,000 miles and still going! You can check him out at Also, his 2011 younger brother pulls his weight around here too.
If you'd like to make your Chevy Truck an Ultimate Work Truck with a Load'N'Go, give us a call toll-free in the U.S. (866) 497-7200

 Fleetwest Truck Legend, W
"W" with a Load'N'Go Powerbody

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Time to Winterize!!

Fiberglass Model 335 by Fleetwest

Now that the temperatures are cooling down, it's time to think about your winter maintenance. Routine truck maintenance is always an important process to keep trucks in working order. Not only does it reduce the risk of potential mechanical failures, there are additional benefits such as increased longevity, resale value and improved fuel economy. There are many technologies and techniques for fleet maintenance that can help increase fuel efficiency up to 10%.

Here are some tips that can help you save this winter:
  • Make sure that your truck’s tires have adequate thread depth and air pressure. Keeping tires properly inflated alone can increase gas mileage by 3%
  • Regularly replace clogged air filters
  • Park in warmer areas to increase the initial temperature of your pickup’s engine
  • Replace old batteries-most last three to five years (less in extreme heat or cold)
  • Use the recommended grade of motor oil
  • Combine trips whenever possible to avoid driving with a cold engine
  • Remove accessories that increase wind resistance-winter weather may require some vehicle modifications
  • Try a more efficient vehicle. ½ ton pickups allow greater opportunity for fuel savings and efficiency.

Don't forget about safety either; alter the way you drive to be safer on the road as well. Applying all these techniques in addition to installing a transferable truck body by Fleetwest, will offer remarkable savings and allow more room for the optimization of your fleet!

Fleetwest has many options for ½ ton pickup truck configurations with lightweight fiberglass composite and steel models that are 100% transferable. These service bodies require a no holes drilled installation and are available with many options that make it possible to efficiently store tools and equipment all the while cutting back on fuel costs and increasing resale value!

For more information on the transferable service bodies by Fleetwest visit our website or call Toll Free in the U.S. at (866) 497 – 7200.