Friday, October 27, 2017

Our very own Celebrity!

Meet W, our very own Truck Legend and local celebrity around here. W has been our hard working work truck and part of the Fleetwest family for going on 12 years now. He's even been on TV! You can see him on Truck U on the Velocity Chanel,in several of our You Tube videos on our page and if you're local, you've probably seen him driving around town. Check out his story at Chevy Truck Legends.

W - 2006 Silverado HD

If you'd like to hear more about that beautiful Load'N'Go Powerbody that he's sporting, we can help you with that here at or toll free in the U.S. (866) 497-7200.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Customize it!

Finding a truck to fit your inner personality is easier today than it was in the yester-years. It is now more popular than ever to get a customized truck straight from the dealerships with special edition pickups available from all the major manufacturers. Many truck owners in the past would drive a truck off the dealership lot and then start the painstaking customization process, piece by piece. Now days, you can walk into any dealership and every truck looks custom, even if it’s the same truck, because of the options available to you the customer. Everything cosmetic with options like custom rims, grilles, emblems, paint jobs, etc. to function such as cab size, tow packages, side steps, bed liners, lights…and the list goes on and on! Take for example the Sublime Green Limited Edition Dodge Ram 1500.
2017 Ram 1500 Sublime Green-Limited Edition photo courtesy of
The same process can be done with your work pickup truck. You can start with the truck you have or start shopping for a brand new truck and Fleetwest can help you build a work truck that suits you and your company needs. Choose a Load’N’Go model and then start adding your options, such as:
  • Ladder or material racks
  • Slide out trays
  • Adjustable shelving
  • Drawer dividers
  • Vice Mounts & Tool Holders

The customizing doesn’t have to stop there, either. The service bodies all come to you white powder coated, the perfect canvas for your creation to paint or even wrap it. One of my favorite examples is "Big Red" that Pro Pickup Magazine customized a Fleetwest Load'N'Go Powerbody for a give away back in 2013.

And don’t forget that no holes are drilled to install the Fleetwest service body models making them fully transferable, even fully loaded, from one truck bed to another.  Call Fleetwest today toll-free in the U.S. at (866) 497-7200 and create your own limited edition.