Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Durashell 370 - Fits 1/2 Ton Trucks - More Work Space Than a Typical Full Size Van

Shown here on a one ton truck, the Durashell 370 is a huge work truck utility body.  Tall enough to stand up inside and easy to up fit with shelves, drawers, or tool boxes.  The over cab storage area seems to be large enough to fit more stuff than would fit in a light duty truck.  You can see a You Tube video of how tall this utility body is at - especially useful for small package delivery.  The big benefit is this unit is fully transferable, on and off without unloading, fits most standard size pickup trucks, offers 4X4 capability in a pickup that is a fraction of the cost of a comparable van.  Needless to say, but you can get this into service in a fraction of the time needed to get an up fitted van or utility truck.


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  2. We are planning to have or purchase a Pick up tool box, i hope we can find the good one.. :))