Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Durashell 370 as alternative to SUV or VAN

Work Truck Online recently published an article on the Durashell 370 that highlights the advantages of a transferable truck body on a standard pickup truck versus an SUV or Van.  Highlights of the advantages and cost benefits of the Durashell 370 include:

  • over 6 feet internal height
  • lower cost 4 wheel drive solution
  • 12.5 feet internal length
  • separate hazardous materials and loose tools from passenger cabin
  • eliminates technician downtime when van or suv is in for service or repairs (simply remove the Durashell 370 fully loaded onto another pickup truck)
  • lightweight solution - only 720 pounds
  • huge storage capacity - 370 cubic feet
  • better fuel economy
Feel free to watch the following YouTube video

You can find more information on the Durashell 370 at Fleetwest

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