Sunday, January 8, 2012

Transferable Work or Service Truck Tool Box

Dodge 3500 with Load'N'Go transferable utility body
 The Load'N'Go transferable utility tool box is the latest technology for tradesmen.  Easily removeable as shown here on the 2000 pound capacity lifting jacks, it also has built in forklift tunnels.  This service tool box has four large side boxes that can be fitted with 150 pound capacity adjustable shelves (shown in the front box in the picture above). 

2011 Dodge 3500 work pickup truck
The back storage tool boxes are large, deep, and tall enough for five gallon buckets full of tools.  Still the best feature is transferability!  On and off in minutes fully loaded.  The side tool boxes are doubly secure - wth cylinder locks, and T-handles that can be padlocked for added security.

Load'N'Go transferable truck body being loaded onto Dodge Pickup Truck
If your New Years resolution was to get better organized, you have found it here.  The best feature of this transferable truck body is that it has a 1000 pound capacity 70% extension pull-out drawer.  Fully customizeable, the drawer can be divided into organized storage space to fit the needs of plumbers, HVAC, electricians, carpenters, or most professional trades.

You can find out more about these transferable pickup truck tool boxes at

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