Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Build your own truck tool box

Here is a Load'N'Go full size pickup truck tool box.. It slips in and out fully loaded in a matter of minutes with a forklift, or the optional 2000# capacity lifting jacks.  You can see more of these at  They fit Ford, Chevy, or Dodge pickups... 3/4 ton capacity or better, plus you leave your tailgate on.  No holes drilled.

Or... you can build your own with plywood as Dale Wickell has links at


  1. I am very interested in this matter and I myself do a lot of research as well. You're so talented in designing. God is truly utilizing you in tremendous ways. A Truck tools provide many benefits like:
    1. Storage that keeps all of your tools in one central box.
    2. Security that ensures your tools stays where you left them.
    3. It protects your tools from rain.

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  3. I like my pick up tool boxes very useful into our daily activities..