Thursday, August 16, 2012

Used Durashell 370 For Sale - SOLD

Durashell 370 Passenger Side Shelves and cabinet

Durashell 370 Driver side work bench, cabinets and lights

Lots of storage... full inside view

Shore Power, Lights, Work Bench... Ready for Your Truck
The 370 cubic feet of secure work space turns your pickup truck into a work station with more space than typical vans.  Lots of head room... even if you're over 6' tall.  This unit is ideal for fiber optic, cable, telecom, or other trades that require stable environments for work.

This transferable work truck body fits all standard Ford, Chevy, and Dodge long bed (8 foot) pickup trucks.  For more information please call Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies at 866-497-7200 (toll free in US), or 480-736-8800 direct - ask for Tom Endicott.

Price reduced to: $7,499.  A comparably equipped new model would cost almost $16,000.


  1. Is this used unit still available?

  2. This unit is sold, but Fleetwest may have some other used or demo models available. A Fleetwest representative can be reached at 480-736-8800.