Wednesday, March 13, 2013

FOR SALE - Used Load'N'Go Work Truck Body

*** SOLD ***
USED Load’N’Go 8’ Security Top Model For Sale

Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies has a gently used, under 2 years old, Load’N’Go Security Top for long bed pickup trucks. Included is a 1200 lb capacity, 14 foot, heavy-duty tubular steel rack with removable rear cross bar. This unit is in great condition and you can own it for a fraction of the price of a new Security Top. 

Load'N'Go tranferable utility truck body
Used Load'N'Go For Sale - Call 866-497-7200

This model fits Ford, Chevy, GMC, and Dodge long bed ¾ ton or 1 ton pickup trucks. The Load’N’Go Security Top features:

·        1000 lb capacity heavy-duty 100% extension sliding deck (you don’t have to climb into the bed to get anything!)
·        1000 lb capacity rear slide-out drawer with adjustable dividers
·        Secure side compartments with stainless steel double locking T-handles (cylinder and padlock)
·        Forklift tunnels for mounting and removal in minutes
·        Steel construction with white automotive grade finish

The Load’N’Go is ideal for electricians, plumbers, HVAC-R technicians, or most trade contractors. If you want to maximize your carrying capacity, keep your equipment safe from weather damage and theft, and have a well-organized, accessible tool box the Load’N’Go Security Top is perfect for you.
Pickup Truck Tool Box with 1000 lb Capacity Drawer
1000 lb Capacity Drawer

Pick-up truck tool box utility body
Used Load'N'Go Slip-on Truck Body For Sale

Benefits of the Load’N’Go Security Top

Expand your truck’s cargo storage and allow for easy access to every tool in the truck bed, reducing back and body strain.
Increase vehicle management while improving your company or personal economics by reducing operating costs.
Reduce downtime by quickly removing the Load’N’Go Security Top when your truck needs maintenance or repairs. 
1000# capacity 100% Extension Sliding Deck
Back Saver!

100% extension sliding deck
Lots of Storage - Sliding Drawer, Sliding Deck, Huge Ladder or Material Rack

If you are interested, call Tom at 480-736-8800 or get a quote at or click HERE.

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