Thursday, October 31, 2013

Work Van Alternatives

Work vans are becoming outdated because they are unorganized, hazardous, and make it difficult to access tools and equipment. A better alternative is a transferable truck body. The Durashell by Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies is a lightweight, fiberglass model that can be customized with options that best suit your needs. Below are examples of a work van versus the Durashell service body.

Work Van Alternatives
Cluttered Work Van
Organized Work Truck Options
 The Durashell 170 shown above is fitted with 100% extension sliding decks and wide barn-style double doors that make the work truck ergonomic. Technician injuries are reduced with sliding decks because tools and cargo are easily accessible, eliminating strain.

Work Van Drawers
Large drawers require technicians to climb into the work van.

Work Truck Side Compartments
 The Durashell provides easy access and organization through secure side compartments. They can be equipped with bins for small tools and parts, but are large enough for power tools and buckets.

Work Van Ladder Storage
Ladders stored upright in the back of a work van require climbing over other cargo to access.
Ladder Rack for Work Trucks
 The steel ladder rack pictured above allows ladders to be stored on top the work truck, freeing up storage space and making them easily accessible. Hydraulic ladder racks provide further accessibility with an easy-to-maneuver handle that brings the ladder to you.

Work Van Power Outlets
Free-standing power outlets are dangerous and cumbersome.
Electricity Options for Work Trucks
The Durashell is available with optional 12 volt power outlets and other electrical features that make on-site jobs easier and safe.

One of the best Durashell features is transferability. Durashell service bodies can be transferred on and off a pickup truck in minutes, with no-holes-drilled installation. Transferability makes a fleet more flexible, and increases the resale value of both the pickup truck and service body. To get a quote on a Durashell service body, call your Fleetwest representative toll free today at 866-497-7200.

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