Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dealer Network Benefits

Equipment dealer partnerships can directly impact revenue streams and add value to business. Having a dealer relationship as apposed to buying equipment via live auctions or online rentals provides expertise for emerging technology maintenance and parts or field support. A dealership that provides a strong standing partnership, supporting equipment through every phase of the life cycle, is a true asset. With today's equipment innovations, having the expertise of a dealership's manufacturing team to troubleshoot problems is important. Dealer relations can reduce time-consuming issues such as chasing parts, researching machine functionality, and exploring financial options.

Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies has the most efficient and profitable method of managing service bodies for fleets. Transferable Truck Bodies easily slip on and off a pickup in minutes with no-holes-drilled installation. Fleetwest dealer network benefits:
  • Fleetwest has knowledgeable salespeople that know their products and understand the demands of the industries, providing peace-of-mind. 
  • Financing and trade value information available upon request to educate customers on alternative payment options. 
  • Fleetwest has certified in-house technicians that can walk you through installation and repairs. 
  • Fleetwest offers plenty of parts and options for both Load'N'Go steel and Durashell fiberglass service bodies that can be added and replaced as needed. 
  • The Load'N'Go Powerbody comes equipped with field support tools such as the built-in welder to service equipment and tools on-site.
Call your Fleetwest representative toll-free at 866-497-7200 to get a quote on a Load'N'Go Powerbody and make a dealer connection today.

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