Friday, August 1, 2014

Used Truck Cap For Sale: SOLD

 Durashell 170 SOLD: $5999

Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies has a previously owned Durashell 170 service body in excellent condition for sale. This Durashell model has 170 square feet of customizable storage space in a lightweight fiberglass body that is great on fuel economy. Durashells are completely transferable on and off a pickup truck in minutes with no-holes-drilled installation for convenience and economy. This particular unit for sale comes loaded with great accessories such as a hydraulic ladder rack that allows technicians to easily access long material with the crank of a handle.The Durashell 170 pictured below also has dual-action 70% extension slides for further organization and convenience.

Consider this gently used Durashell for a great transferable truck body at an affordable price. Call your Fleetwest representative toll-free at 866-497-7200 for more information.

*The usual ten-year Durashell warranty does not apply to this offer.

Used Truck Body For Sale

Used Service Body

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