Monday, September 15, 2014

Durashell: Endless possibilities

When it comes to the Durashell 370 the possibilities are endless.  This Transferable Truck Body contains 370 cubic feet of storage at only 700 lbs and is a universal fit for Ford, Dodge, GMC and Toyota Tundra’s with longbeds.  There is no need to drill holes, making it easy to transfer on-and-off a pickup truck within minutes, so it’s OK to move onto a rented or leased trucks in case of an emergency or repairs.  The Durashell 370 also includes locking rear and optional side doors to ensure security. The option to add dual-action slides allows you to access your supplies easily without having to climb or reach over large materials and spplies.  To enhance security and organization you are also able to add customizable shelves making it easier to keep equipment in order.

The Durashells have a lot of different uses as seen in the picture below where the Durashell 370 model is being used for FedEx delivery. All Durashell models are customizable to a multitude of industries, allowing technicians to work smarter.

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