Friday, October 2, 2015

Safety First

Conscious driving is essential for road safety while driving pickups. There are many important factors that contribute to being a safe driver. Pickup drivers have to make mindful decisions while on the road. It is important to remember the extensive damage trucks can cause in collisions.

Here are some tips to help you be a safe driver:

Don’t let your cell phone distract you!
Avoiding your phone while driving is an easy way to stay focused on traffic signs and signals. Texting and talking on the phone is a distraction to drivers and causes many unfortunate accidents.

Keep a steady pace
Speeding and driving too closely behind other cars is something to be avoided while driving. Steady driving is a smart and easy way for drivers to pay attention to blind spots and remain safe and focused on the road.

Hauling cargo wisely!
Tools rolling around in the bed of your pickup are an easy way to become distracted on the road. This problem can be avoided with the proper storage options available with Fleetwest transferable truck body options. Fleetwest now offers the New Durashell 175 and 145 models equipped with:

·        Customizable storage space
·        Automatic LED lighting for side door and rear access
·        Keyless entry
·        Heavy duty latching system
·        Weather tight seal

These are just a few features of the Durashell 175 and 145 that ensure endless support for safety on the road!

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