Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Manual vs. Automatic- A downward shift

It’s no secret that automatic transmissions are a more popular choice among drivers. It used to be that manual transmissions were less expensive to buy and offered better fuel economy.  Due to technological advances, automatics are just as good or even better when it comes to MPG. And given the supply and demand, manuals are now even more expensive than automatics. In addition, some would even argue that automatics are safer due to the hands-free society that we have become. Not to mention there are a lot less drivers that know how to use a stick-shift even with fleet drivers. Over the last 10 years, it somehow shifted from the manual transmission being the higher output engine to the automatic being a much stronger and more durable choice.

Since the shift in trend, manufactures are scaling back and some not even offering manual transmissions in new productions. Starting this year, 2016, Ford will no longer offer manual transmissions on any of its trucks. General Motors continues to offer a manual transmission, but only in the mid-size Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon. Toyota also offers a manual transmission in their mid-size Tacoma, but not in the Tundra. Nissan’s mid-sized Frontier S and SV 4x2 models actually come standard with a 5-speed manual transmission. For the Frontier models with a V6, a 6-speed manual is available. Since manual transmissions still play a role in vocational trucks, Dodge does offer more manual transmissions than any other OEM. However, these are diesel options, that start with the Ram 2500, and keep in mind that you will be sacrificing power.

Whether your truck has a manual or automatic transmission, Fleetwest offers the best options to turn it into the most efficient service truck. Fleetwest is the leader in these innovative, transferable service bodies. All service bodies, either steel or composite fiberglass, transfers on and off the truck bed with no holes drilled, even fully loaded. Making the impossible, possible! 

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