Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Need An All-Terrain Work Truck?

When it comes to trucks, there are a wide range of options available on the market. When it comes to work trucks, sometimes what you need isn’t exactly mass-produced. You may need a truck to haul heavy equipment over rugged and hilly terrain, navigate steep slopes of sand or power across snow covered hills in remote areas. Now I know they make little utility vehicles with a wide range of capabilities, but what about the tool storage? The ability to customize your work truck to suit your needs is what Fleetwest is all about.

The beauty of a Fleetwest transferable utility body is that first, you pick out the truck that you need or use and existing truck for the terrain you work in; then you pick out the utility body needed for your tools and equipment. And it doesn’t end there! Then, you have an array of options to customize your work truck to optimize your productivity and workflow. From custom shelving options to low profile ladder racks, slides, drawers, dividers...the list goes on and on!

The Durashell by Fleetwest is one example of our innovative solutions to your work truck needs.  They are ergonomically engineered and designed to reduce your operational costs while improving your productivity. The Durashell are rugged and lightweight and built to last many truck cycles. They universally fit most full-sized trucks with 8’ and 6.5’ truck beds and are 100% transferable without any drilling or modifications to the truck bed.

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Durashell Detail Features

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