Thursday, December 1, 2016

Protect Your Fleet’s Assets

The most common areas for equipment theft are active construction sites. Professional thieves will look for the easiest opportunity or more susceptible vehicles and items. Heavy equipment and Fleet vehicle theft can cause big losses for companies. Not only does the fleet suffer the loss of equipment, also factor in the costs for equipment rental or replacement, project delays and the personnel time wasted.  Higher equipment theft creates a need for increased security measures in fleets.

Top Targets for Thieves

By Category:
• Light Utility Vehicles/Work Trucks and Trailers
• Backhoe Loaders/Skip Loaders/Wheel Loaders
• Generators/Air Compressors /Welders (Towables)
• Skid Steers

By Brand:
• Ford
• Bobcat
• John Deere
• Caterpillar
Source: 2013 LoJack proprietary theft and recovery data

There is no one-and-done technology that can completely protect your equipment from theft. There are types of systems can at least help improve your odds of not losing valuable assets in the field. Systems such as: a keyless ignition system, telematics and radio-frequency tracking. Even with these systems, there are also the typical precautions to take in making your fleet less vulnerable to theft.

·         Keep your doors locked at all times!
-   80% of stolen vehicles are attributed to unlocked doors
·         Don’t isolate your truck!
-   Parking near other vehicles in illuminated areas will reduce theft attempts
·         Protect your valuables!
-   Keep your tools and equipment secured, stored and locked up

Fleetwest offers innovative solutions for fleet security. The Load’N’Go Security Top by Fleetwest is designed with features to protect your tools and expensive equipment from damage and theft. The Security Top features double-locking, dual panel steel side doors with pad lockable stainless steel T-handles; as well as a locking/removable roll top that will ensure protection for your work truck. Call a Fleetwest representative today at (866)497-7200 and start protecting your fleet’s assets.


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