Wednesday, March 28, 2018

HOA Discrimination Against Vocational Vehicles

Do you take your work truck home and park it in your driveway or on the street nearby? If you live in an HOA you may want to rethink that. You just might be subjected to fines or more.  It is not uncommon for vocational vehicles to be ticketed in residential areas governed by a homeowner association (HOA). A company may have unknowingly put its employees in this difficult situation when they issue out a logo branded or wrapped vehicle.

With communities consistently growing, there is an estimate of 50 million Americans that live in HOA communities. Most HOAs will allow commercial vehicles as long as they are out of site in a garage, but not all fleet vehicles can fit due to height or length. Also, if the employee lives in an apartment, townhouse or condominium development that option may not even exist. Employees are then at the mercy of their HOA parking restrictions and there is no uniformity to these rules.

Long story short, legally, HOAs have the authority to control the type of vehicles allowed to park in their communities. Thus creating a problem for those residents whose primary transportation is a company issued vehicle or work truck. The common response is that these HOA conditions and restrictions were laid out in documents before the purchase or lease of the property or community and should have been addressed then.

Fleetwest has a solution to this situation for the pickup work trucks; the transferable service body! Fleetwest service bodies are 100% transferable with a no holes drilled installation and a universal fit to most full-size pickup trucks. These service bodies can be easily removed, fully loaded via forklift, crane or lifting jacks and left in the company garage or warehouse. This gives the employee the ability to drive the pickup truck home at night without the risk of HOA violation. In the morning, drive into work and transfer their service body back into the truck bed and off they go.

For more information or a quote, reach out to a Fleetwest representative today.

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