Thursday, March 7, 2019

Add Years To Your Fleets' Life Cycle

When should we replace our vehicles? This is an important question for any business owner or fleet manager. Service vehicles are your company assets and may need some long needed maintenance to extend its longevity, if not replacement. Maybe they lost their shine, are showing their age or just look tired. If it looks like they need some outer TLC, they probably need some servicing on the inside as well. 

How has your vehicle been performing? Take into consideration your vehicles performance history. Think of it like a health check for your fleet. It's important to review your vehicles expenditures. If you feel your maintenance costs are on the climb, you may consider doing a cost analysis. Life cycle cost analysis is the key to optimal timing for vehicle replacement in fleets. 

According to Work Truck the following are recommendations on what to review:
  • Interest cost for capital expenditures
  • Inflation rate for adjusting life cycle maintenance and operating costs
  • Vehicle depreciation rate            
  • Purchase cost of vehicle
  • Estimated maintenance and operating costs
Load'N'Go 6000 on Ram 2500 picture provided by Work Truck Solutions

Fleetwest can add years to the life cycle of your service vehicle with a transferable service body. All of the units can be transferred off a retired pickup and placed into another pickup truck with a no-holes drilled installation. This creates a higher resell value for the pickup truck and your service body making it a huge asset to any fleet!  

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