Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Last Show Model - Slip-On Fiberglass Service Body - Ready For New Home!

This is our last Durashell 170 Transferable Truck Body which has been a demonstrator in our showroom and has never been outside of our showroom. It has many upgrades such as two fold-up side panel doors with LED lighting strips on both doors plus an interior light. It has a keyless remote entry system that matches up with your truck key fob to make locking and unlocking this unit very easy. The interior floor can be upgraded to a 100% extension aluminum slider so that you never have to climb up into the truck body. Interior side boxes are available for one or both sides. You might have the interior shelves on one side and the other side open to access items inside. 

This body is easily transferred from one truck to another and uses no bolts to secure the body to the truck.

This unit has served us well, but now it is time to go on your truck so it can serve you as well! Call us today at 480-736-8800. https://fleetwest.net/

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