Monday, June 3, 2013

Service Body Education

University of Houston Mobile Lab

Service bodies can be used for just about anything you can imagine. The University of Houston and Rice University imagined the Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Mobile Atmospheric Lab. Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies made that possible with the Durashell 325

Pickup Truck Mobile Science Lab Service Body for University of Houston
Durashell 325 Mobile Lab

Mobile Science Lab Service Body Van Alternative
Take a look inside the mobile lab

 The mobile lab will spend two years on the roads across Houston discovering where air quality affects the health of citizens. The team of researchers will gather particulate matter by highways, industrial buildings, and airports to record the pollution levels in Houston. Findings will be matched to thousands of cardiovascular and respiratory health records. Visit the University of Houston website to learn more.

The service truck will be mounted with a monitoring system and is being used for a NASA project in September called Discover-AQ. Data from ground monitors, aircraft, and satellites will be combined to monitor ground pollution. The Durashell has 325 cubic feet of storage space and is completely transferable with no holes drilled. The mobile lab can easily be moved from one pickup truck to another at project end in minutes. To see a two minute YouTube demonstration of the Durashell click here.

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