Tuesday, July 30, 2013

CNG Work Trucks

Compressed Natural Gas is the way of the future for fleets and work trucks. Companies are offering new CNG vehicles and consumers are responding by incorporating the trucks into their fleets such as waste management organizations. CNG powered trucks are widely used for delivery, transportation, industrial, and vocational services.

CNG is increasingly being used as a transport fuel in waterways and coastal shipping. When used with traditional gasoline in hybrid vehicles, the result is extended range, reduced emissions, and lower operating costs. Natural gas development will continue to drive the U.S. economy into 2020.

Anadarko Petroleum Corporation safely produces natural gas energy in order to protect public health, environmental health, and support communities, according to their mission statement. Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies offers Load'N'Go models that are ideal for the alternative fuel industry. The Load'N'Go Sportsman for example provides plenty of secure storage and has an exposed pickup truck bed so that potentially combustible  materials can be safely transported. The 1000 pound capacity drawer provides more secure storage and has both cylinder and padlockable T-handles for protection from theft or damage.

Service Body for CNG Industry

The Durashell models are also ideal for the alternative fuel industries. They range in size from 90 to 370 cubic feet of storage space. Their design allows for customized interiors so that materials can be arranged in the most secure way. To get a quote for a Load'N'Go or Durashell service body, call your Fleetwest representative toll free at 866-497-7200.

Durashell Secure Service Body for CNG Industry
Durashell 370

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