Friday, September 27, 2013

Ford E-Series Van is Discontinued!

Ford is discontinuing their E-Series van, a best-selling vehicle for the motor company. Replacement options for the van range from Ford's new European-style van to the comparable GM Express van. However, the disadvantages to having a work van remain. Maintenance costs of replacement vans are likely higher, the factor availability will be months, and fuel efficiency is not ideal. These factors result in high initial costs, fuel costs, and time lost.

Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies offers the best van alternative solution, the Durashell. When added to a pickup truck such as the Ford F-Series, the Durashell service body creates a work truck that is of similar size to the E-Series van. It is also comparable in increased initial cost to the other van replacement options. However, the Durashell offers benefits that cannot be achieved with a full-size van.
Van Alternatives for Discontinued Ford E-Series
Durashell 170 Van Alternative

  • The Durashell service body has factory availability of between one and three weeks.
  • The ownership costs are also lower with little maintenance needed and a lifecyle that outlasts multiple pickup trucks. 
  • The Durashell is made of a lightweight fiberglass composite that provides better fuel economy. Because a Durashell is used in conjunction with a pickup truck, resale value is increased. 
  • The Durashell is completely transferable in contrast to traditional bolt-on service bodies. Transferability with no-holes-drilled installation means both the pickup truck and Durashell can be resold for more.
Call your Fleetwest representative toll free today at 866-497-7200 to find out how you can save $200 a month compared to your current van or get a quote online.

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