Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Utility Bodies for Every Industry

Fiberglass service bodies are extremely versatile which makes them ideal for a large range of industries. Below are four Durashell service bodies by Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies all used by vastly different companies. Common characteristics include durability, the ability to transfer from one pickup truck to another, and customizable accessories such as cabinets, sliding decks, and ladder racks. Refer to the Labor Day Work Trucks blog below for more information.

Fiberglass Wrapped Service Body and Pickup Truck
Durashell 370
The Durashell 370 (pictured above) is perfect for the HVAC industry because of the 370 cubic feet of customizable storage space. More than enough room is available for large A/C and heating supplies. There are optional aluminum shelves along the inner walls for organized storage. The company chose to get the Durashell and pickup truck wrapped for advertising purposes. Durashells can easily be wrapped with logos creating a mobile billboard. The Durashell has a quality gel coat finish that provides a smooth surface ideal for signage.

Van Alternative Service Body with Double Barn Doors
Durashell 365

Pool contractors and water management companies love the Durashell 365.  With 365 cubic feet of storage space for pipes and pumps, this Durashell weighs in at only 700 pounds. Lightweight service body material makes for better fuel economy and savings. The large double barn-style doors create easy access to supplies. Side compartments are also available for convenience.

Lightweight Fiberglass Composite Utility Bodies
Durashell 140/170

The Durashell 140 (short bed) and Durashell 170 (long bed) are lighter than the larger models, but equally as rugged. Electrical technicians such as cable and telecommunications workers get great utility from the Durashell 140/170. Side compartments are easily organized with customizable shelves and bins. Rest assured that parts and expensive tools are safe with secure locking rear and side-access doors.

**Now through September 14th Fleetwest is offering a Durashell Package Special that includes the Durashell 140 or Durashell 170. Click here for more information. 

Window Repair and Replacement Service Bodies
Durashell 230

Window repair and replacement contractors of all sizes love the Durashell 230.  This model allows technicians to secure large pieces of glass and supplies safely without the risk of damage. Sliding decks reduce the risk of back injury on the job site. Because Durashells are completely transferable on and off a pickup truck with no-holes-drilled installation, the amount of heavy cargo transfers are reduced.

To get a quote on any Durashell service body, call your Fleetwest representative toll free at 866-497-7200.

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