Thursday, March 27, 2014

Low Profile Ladder Rack

Driving a work truck can make getting into parking structures difficult. Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies has a solution with a low-profile ladder rack that does not compromise storage space in the Durashell Transferable Service Body. The low-profile ladder rack is the first integrated ergonomic ladder rack of its kind. The hydraulic double-drop down ladder rack is 8" shorter and 60 lbs lighter than traditional work truck ladder racks. Drivers will have improved fuel economy because of the lighter weight and better aerodynamics. Technicians also benefit from the convenience of a low-profile work truck that can drive into parking garages, car washes, and drive-thru restaurants.

Call your Fleetwest representative toll free to get a quote for the low-profile ladder rack and a Durashell Transferable Service Body at 866-497-7200.
Low Profile Work Truck
Low-Profile Ladder Rack
Hyraulic Ladder Rack on Service Body
Durashell with Traditional Ladder Rack

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