Wednesday, April 9, 2014

NAFA 2014 Fleet Sustainability

The NAFA 2014 Institute and Expo in Minneapolis, MN is underway. This year, NAFA wishes to pioneer a movement in fleet sustainability. Fleet management are learning valuable information about topics such as the Sustainable Fleet Standard Program implemented by CAFM which will increase efficiency while reducing emissions and fuel use. Sustainability is a win-win for fleet management and consumers because fuel dependence and emissions fall while efficiency in vehicles and performance rises.

Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies offer a line of lightweight, fiberglass composite service bodies that follow the Sustainable Fleet Standards by increasing efficiency, reducing emissions, and saving on fuel costs. Durashell service bodies are available with endless options to customize work trucks and make them ideal for any type of fleet. They are lighter than the standard steel service bodies because they are made of fiberglass composite. Lightweight service bodies mean less fuel consumption, emissions, and savings for fleet management. Durashell utility bodies are completely transferable on and off your pickup truck in minutes with no-holes-drilled installation. Fleetwest offers the most efficient transferable service bodies for construction, plumbing, and mechanical industries.

Call your Fleetwest representative toll-free at 866-497-7200 to get a quote on a Durashell Transferable Service Body and start a more sustainable fleet today.
Sustainable Fleets

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