Thursday, October 21, 2021

We Are Selling Our Last Astoria T-3 Composite Commercial Truck Topper

This is an Astoria T-3 premium quality fiberglass composite commercial truck cap that can be very useful to many different types of businesses. It has an aluminum rack that holds six large tubs with lids to house tools, parts, accessories needed for on-site work. There is access from the rear to the bed underneath. You could modify this to more closely fit your particular needs. In addition, you could remove the inside frame entirely, add a bed slider and access from the rear, and both sides never needing to crawl inside. Fleetwest offers a 100% extension slider that will make this job easy.

This is our last demo model and it has never been sold or installed on a truck. It is sitting on our display trailer in our showroom and has been for some time. But, now it is time to let it go. This could be a super bargain and a great solution for your truck.

Call us today at 480-736-8800 and let's talk now. It's time this jewel found a new home!

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