Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fuel Choices for Work Trucks

There's no ignoring alternative fuels as gas prices are increasingly on the rise and every automotive company, big or small, is developing new ways to power our vehicles. With so many options out there, the decision for your next work truck can be daunting. Gone are the days where comparisons are limited to size, power, and payload capacity. Now work trucks come in the form of electric, hybrid, and natural gas powered.
  • Natural Gas Vehicles - a newly competitive power source, natural gas sustains 240+ years of consumption, is environmentally friendly, and economically attractive. The downfall: refueling infrastructures for natural gas are lacking.
  • Good Ol' Fashion Oil - while alternative fuels are quickly developing, gas powered vehicles aren't going anywhere, just take a look at profits for any major oil company. The convenience of gas powered vehicles will keep them in business; however, the downfalls are apparent at the pump. Gas is expensive and can have a major impact on the budget of fleets. 
  • Electric and Hybrid - Automotive companies are increasingly producing battery electric vehicles. Amp is an example of a company that is taking it a step further with vehicle-to-grid technologies that allow vehicles to take in or give up excess energy to power girds. After countless amounts of time and money put into R&D, electric vehicles are finally starting to turn a profit. The downside: electric vehicle driving distance still doesn't compare to gas.
  • Propane Autogas - a by-product of natural gas and petroleum, this alternative fuel lowers greenhouse emissions and the cost of operation. It has recently been used in a new line of school buses and can power larger vehicles.
With all these options to take into consideration, one choice that isn't complicated is your service body. Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies slip on and off the bed of your truck fully loaded in minutes. Load'N'Go steel service bodies and Durashell light-weight fiberglass composite service bodies are a universal fit for all major long and short bed pickup truck brands such as Ford, GMC, and Chevy. Whichever power source you choose for your next work truck, Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies will work for you.

Transferable Service Bodies and Alternative Fuels
Transferability Changes Everything

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