Monday, May 13, 2013

Service Body Life Cycle Cost

Transferable vs. Bolt-on 

What are the benefits of getting a transferable service body over the traditional bolt-on option? There are many but the overall theme is saving money, increased flexibility, and creating a "greener" fleet.

Transferable Service Body with Removable Jack System
Load'N'Go Transferable Service Body
  • A transferable service body has a higher residual value than bolt-on bodies. Go to the life cycle comparison page at for details.
  • The Fleetwest Transferable Load'N'Go and Durashell truck bodies will outlast multiple pickup trucks. You would have to sell a bolt-on service body with every pickup truck your company goes through or attempt to remove the body which will cause damage. Transferable truck bodies can easily be removed and placed on a new truck or resold separately from your pickup.
  • The resell value of your pickup truck won't be compromised when you chose transferable truck bodies. With a bolt-on truck body you have to either sell the body with the truck, losing it for your own use, or remove the body causing damage and lowering the value of your pickup.
  • The total vehicle requirements of a transferable truck body are lower than bolt-on bodies. Less trucks are needed because your service body can simply move from one truck to another. Not only does this provide flexibility, but fewer trucks makes for a "greener" fleet. Improve your company's sustainability initiative with transferable truck bodies.
  • Cost of technician downtime is virtually eliminated with transferable truck bodies, making for increased productivity and profit. With bolt-on service bodies, when a truck needs to go in for repairs or a mechanic calls out from work, time and money is lost. With a transferable service body, simply move the unit from one pickup to another and continue on with business. 
  • Short term leased pickup trucks can be utilized with transferable truck bodies because no damage will be done to the truck and it is not a permanent fixture. 
  • The upfit time to install a transferable truck body is much less than a bolt-on truck body. Most styles of Load'N'Go or Durashell service bodies are ready to ship and can be on your truck in no time. Whereas the bolt-on service body will have to be fitted and installed taking time and the use of your pickup truck away.
  • Technician satisfaction is guaranteed with transferable truck bodies because they are able to organize their tools and equipment exactly how they want in order to optimize organization and consequently productivity.
  • Durashell and Load'N'Go service bodies are a universal fit to all major brand pickup trucks such as GMC, Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Nissan, and Toyota. Check out the Fit Guide to find the best transferable service body for your truck.

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