Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fleet Challenges and Solutions

Top Challenges Facing Fleet Managers
  • Increased fuel costs: the impact is much more than the price at the pump.
    • Fuel reduction strategies turned into corporate sustainability initiatives have been growing tools used to reduce corporate greenhouse gas (GHG) and of course reduce fuel costs.
  • Solutions:
    • Modify the fleet program
    • Switch to light-weight, fuel efficient vehicles and service bodies
    • Implement driving programs to reduce fuel cost
  • Pressure from management to reduce fleet costs:
    • Every department is receiving pressure to reduce costs and spending, and fleets are no exception. 
  • Solutions:
    • Cut liability through driver training programs
    • Utilize transferable truck bodies as an alternative fleet solution: Most companies replace 1/3 of their fleet vehicles each year. This number can be reduced significantly with transferable truck bodies that outlast multiple pickup trucks
    • Examine route efficiency, vehicle payload, miles driven, and fraud management programs
 Vehicle training programs can also be utilized to increase fuel efficiency. Driving habits such as fast starts, hard stops, and excessive idling can be reduced and/or eliminated, providing significant results in fuel usage. Driving the speed limit also increases mpg.

Downsizing is a growing trend in fleets. Many fleet managers have found that they can do the same job with smaller vehicles. Downsizing from a large truck or van style vehicle to a pickup truck with a service body will improve corporate sustainability and fleet versatility.

Consider the Load'N'Go or Durashell by Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies. The Durashell is made of light-weight fiberglass composite that will reduce your overall payload. Load'N'Go service bodies are completely transferable on and off your vehicle fully loaded. You can downsize your fleet with transferable service bodies which allows for flexibility. Personal vehicles can easily be transformed to work trucks, temporarily.

Transferable Service Bodies for Fleet Managers at Lowes
Load'N'Go Sportsman Available at Lowes.com

 *Business conditions for fleets are more than likely to improve in the coming year, according to Automotive Fleet.

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