Thursday, August 8, 2013

Work Truck Accessories

Ladders and other long cargo such as pipes can take up the majority of storage space in a work truck. In order to optimize storage space and organization, adding a ladder rack to your service body makes a world of difference.

Benefits of adding a ladder rack:
  • Ladder racks provide the best angle to secure loads. Placing ladders or long material on top of your service body frees up storage space inside for smaller parts and expensive cargo.
  • Accessibility is easier when ladders are securely stored on top of your work truck. Rather than moving tools and material to get to a ladder, simply take it down from atop.
  • Road safety is increased when ladders are stored on top the length of a pickup truck. When ladders stick out from the back of a vehicles, accidents are more likely. This could create expensive accident or insurance costs for you and/or your fleet.
  • Easy accessibility to heavy materials such as ladders eliminates the risk of personal injury. Maneuvering heavy ladders can cause back injury. Having a secure ladder rack makes accessing these heavy materials easier and safer.
Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies offers multiple styles from simple steel racks to hydraulic ladder racks. Hydraulic ladder racks further optimize convenience and security because of their drop-down feature that provides easy access to materials. 

Now through 8/31 you can get 50% off any Load'N'Go ladder rack with the purchase of a new Load'N'Go service body. Call your Fleetwest representative toll free today at 866-497-7200 for a quote on a ladder rack and Load'N'Go service body.

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