Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Cargo Vans vs. Pickup Bed Capsules

Why Should Fleets Replace Cargo Vans with Pickup Bed Capsules?

Pickup truck bed capsules and cargo vans are often looked at in the same light. But what is it that makes the bed capsule a better alternative? Fleet professionals are choosing capsules for their fleets for a number of reasons.

Here's why:

  • Better Fuel Economy
  • Optimized Cargo Management
  • Enhanced Ergonomics
  • Lower Life cycle and Maintenance Costs
The Durashell line by Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies proves efficient in all of these categories.

Fuel Efficiency
Pickup trucks provide room for significant fuel savings! Especially in 1/2 ton configurations, where fuel efficiency averages up to 14.5 mpg while fully loaded. This number can even be maximized with specially designed fuel-efficient engines as seen in the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Hybrid and in Ford's 2011 F-150. The mpg in cargo vans only average to about 10 miles per gallon. Take advantage of this opportunity to save big with lightweight pickup trucks, and optimize your fleet with any of the Durashell models.

Optimized Spacing
While vans seem like the better option for optimized space, they actually consist of a lot of unusable space. Shelving and storage options in cargo vans are limited because of the sliding door. utilize that wasted space with Fleetwest's fiberglass Durashell line.

The Durashell limits risks of stress and injury. With features like low profile hydraulic ladder racks and dual action slides, professionals don't have to strain themselves while trying to access large equipment.

Minimized Costs
The Durashell can outlast a number of trucks. This is where transferablility really matters! When a fleet vehicle is in need of maintenance repairs or even needs to be replaced completely, you can transfer your fully loaded truck body with lifting jacks or a forklift in minutes! Cargo vans do not have this ability and require a significant amount of time to transfer equipment from one vehicle to another.

For more information about how to optimize you truck call your Fleetwest representative Toll Free in the U.S. at (866)497-7200 or by visiting www.Fleetwest.net. To get a detailed quote on a Durashell click here.

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