Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A new breed takes safety to the next level

Safety is always of top priority amongst all Fleets; not only for drivers, but for pedestrians and other vehicles in general. The average mid-sized truck has a blind spot that can extend up to 160 feet behind the vehicle, according to the National Safety Council. The larger utility trucks can find it even more challenging to see pedestrians, vehicles or property when backing a vehicle due to their wider bodies and that they sit higher off the ground. For these reasons, a growing number of utility fleets are installing backup cameras to reduce incidents and increase rear visibility.

A Newport Beach, Ca. based company, Convoy Technologies, has stepped up the game with their vehicle camera systems. Their technology equips a backup camera with a motion sensor that automatically turns on the camera, records footage and even alerts the fleet manager in real time when someone is attempting to steal equipment from a truck. The camera is also combined with GPS telematics data to help exonerate drivers and the company from false claims.

Aptly named Videomatics, Convoy Technologies ( has trademarked this combination of technology with cameras, digital video recorders and telematics. Videomatics provides drivers and management with live and recorded video from inside and around a vehicle accessible via PC, tablet or smartphone. Thus generating high-quality video evidence for fleets in proving fault for incidents and also improving drivers overall behavior.

At Fleetwest we take safety very seriously. All of our units are designed with technician safety in mind. The Fleetwest fiberglass composite utility bodies provide higher safety ratings with their 60/40 rear door split for safer curbside cargo access. Convenience and ergonomics are paramount with our ‘perimeter standing access’ with which the total content of the capsule can be reached from the outside. Therefore, no more head, neck or back injuries from crawling in and out of a van. Not to mention an array of additional options including:

·        single or dual slide outs- to safely load and unload heavy equipment
·        side mount and backup cameras-to assist with visibility and reduce incidents
·        additional interior and exterior LED lighting- to shed some light on your tools  and work area
·        low-profile ladder racks- for safe loading/unloading of ladders and easy  access for garages

I almost forgot to mention that they are 100% transferable! This unibody capsule will transfer from one truck to another, even fully loaded! To learn more about our transferable truck bodies, call a Fleetwest representative toll-free in the U.S. at (866) 497-7200.   

Composite Truck Bodies,CTB, by Fleetwest
“Innovative Fleet Solutions”

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