Thursday, June 30, 2016

Safe and easy truck bed removal

The removal of a truck bed is sometimes necessary to perform certain repairs, such as fuel pump replacement. This task could be performed by four guys lifting the bed by hand. Not only is this a risky procedure, but finding available and willing friends to do such dangerous work can be hard to come by. Motor City Lift King just made a truck bed removal a safe and easy one-man job.

The patented Lift King requires no power and folds up for easy storage with measurements of 42” wide, 30”deep and 84”tall. This product is designed to be used by one person as a fast, easy and safe way to remove/install a pick-up truck bed, topper, door, and semi hood. The Lift King features a safety system to protect the product and the operator. Various attachments allow the Lift King to be utilized for the different jobs and all attachments are switched out with only a few pins. For more information, visit

At Fleetwest, our transferable truck bodies don’t require you to remove your truck bed. In fact, that’s one of our selling points. Our steel Load’N’Go and fiberglass composite utility bodies are fully transferable, even fully loaded, made possible with a no-holes drilled installation. They can be transferred on and off in minutes with the use of our lifting jacks, forklift or crane. I’m thinking we may have to give this Lift King a try as well.

Fleetwest utility truck bodies have more cubic feet of storage than Bolt-On bodies and have a better return on investment. With the additional storage, flexibility and efficiency alone, Fleetwest provides fleet solutions to reduce your operational costs while improving your productivity. For more information or a detailed quote, call us toll free in the U.S. at (866) 497-7200 or visit

Innovative Fleet Solutions…Transferability Changes Everything!

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