Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Service Truck Body of the Week

Load'N'Go Powerbody

You are out on the job site and you need to use your power hand tools, welder, or halogen lighting. Namely, you need power, and lots of it. The Load'N'Go Powerbody by Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies is my choice for the service truck body of the week because it has an all-in-one power system built in. Get the convenience of having a generator, welder, battery booster, and compressor anywhere you go. The transferability of the Powerbody means you can slip it off your work truck and on to another in minutes fully loaded. Review the previous article with a short video on the Load'N'Go Powerbody.

Service Body Power System with Generator, Compressor, and Welder
Military Version of the Load'N'Go Powerbody

  •  Vaniar Air-N-Arc Pro 150 all-in-one power system with built in generator, compressor, battery booster and optional welder for on-site work station capabilities
  • Remote control panel in either front side compartment for easy access to operations with secure double locks to prevent theft or damage
  • 1000 lb capacity pull-out drawer for optimal storage space and organization
  •  Forklift tunnels or optional lifting jacks for easy transferability to eliminate downtime when a truck is in for repairs

All in One Power System for Transferable Service Truck Body
Vanair Air-N-Arc Pro 150 Power System
The Load'N'Go Powerbody fits all major brand pickup trucks such as the F350, Ram 2500, Chevy 2500HD, and GMC 3500. The Fit Guide at is an interactive tool that helps you find a transferable service body to fit your pickup truck.
Service Body Organized Side Compartments for Storage
Organized Storage Compartments

Remote Control Panel for Service Body Power System
Remote Control Panel

A.  Welder master ON/OFF switch and battery boosting activator
B.  Voltage adjustment knob
C.  Tank air pressure gauge
D.  Hourmeter/Tachometer (Shows RPM while running and hours while stopped)
E.  Low fuel light (Comes on when 1/4 tank remaining)
F.   AC Voltmeter (Should run around 240 Volts when generator switched ON)
G.  Keyed remote start with choke switch
H. 110 Volt plugs with 20 Amp capacity
I.   20 Amp circuit breaker resets for 110V and 240V plugs
J.   Generator ON switch
K. 20 Amp 240V receptacle
L.  Welder control receptacle
M. Air outlet
N.  Main weld current plug
O. Weld select switch "Spool Gun"

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