Monday, April 1, 2013

NAFA 2013 Institute and Expo

Attention Fleet Managers
April is an exciting month for fleet managers and service body enthusiasts. The North American Fleet Association 2013 Institute and Expo is being held April 23-26 at the Atlantic City Convention Center. NAFA Institute and Expo will deliver the information on what effects you the most:
  • Cost-savings - i.e. investing in a high-quality service utility body that will outlast three pickup trucks and increase the value of your fleet
  • Safety - The latest safety features such as fully-extendable slides that can save you or your employees from back and body injury
  • Technology - Compressors, welders, and generators combined with slip-on utility bodies create a highly portable, mobile and powerful work-site.
  • Professional development concerns
Last year, Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies attended the NAFA Institute and Expo in St. Louis and showcased the all-in-one power system with Air N Arc technology, specifically designed for military needs. The slip-on truck body is a great example of cost-savings, safety, technology, and professional development combined.

Pickup Truck Military Service Body Slip-on Tool Box
Military Version of Load'N'Go All-in-One Power System

This year at NAFA, you can connect with professionals on the expo floor with more than 225 exhibitors attending.

The Green Zone will provide information on the newest clean diesel technologies and alternative fuel. Learn to build cleaner, more sustainable fleets. New this year, CALSTART non-profit association will host an educational training track to educate attendees on various alternative fuels. Hear about methods such as purchasing a pickup truck tool box made of light-weight materials in order to lower fuel costs.

President and CEO of the National Safety Council will be speaking to law enforcement and public management fleet managers about the newest safety procedures and technologies. Service utility beds like the much anticipated Road Warrior by Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies which will create a safer job environment and make road workers jobs more efficient.

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