Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Aluminum Pickup Trucks and Service Bodies

 Work Trucks for the Future

Ford Motor Company is working on a pickup truck with a body largely made from aluminum, according the the Wall Street Journal. Why diverge from the classic, heavy-duty steel pickup truck bodies? Ford is most likely trying to accommodate the tougher federal fuel-economy targets that are taking effect. Pickup truck advertising has already shifted from "tough and rugid" to "smart and green."

Using a material such as aluminum significantly decreases the overall weight of a pickup truck. Lighter weight means better fuel economy (good for the company) and less money spent on gas expense (good for the consumer). When re-engineered, the aluminum pickup truck bodies will be just as tough as the steel bodies. Aluminum is also infinitely recyclable, as is steel. The only downside to using aluminum over steel is the higher cost, a problem Ford can surely handle.

Some service truck bodies and pickup tool boxes are also "going green" with the use of lightweight materials such as aluminum and fiberglass. Review a previous article for more information about lightweight fiberglass service bodies. The Sportsman by Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies features full length aluminum diamond plate side boxes, drawer, and rear compartment doors. These utility bodies are fuel efficient because they will not greatly impact the weight of your pickup truck. The Sportsman is the perfect match for Ford's future aluminum pickup trucks. It fits all major brand pickup trucks, both long bed and short bed and is now conveniently available at Lowes.com.

Light Weight Transferable Pickup Truck Service Bodies
Load'N'Go Sportsman Pickup Truck Tool Box

Service Body for Ford Pickup Trucks
Now Available at Lowes.com

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