Thursday, April 4, 2013

Top 10 Work Truck Trends

  • Increased Security - Fear of theft or damage to tools and equipment is a concern for all mechanics. Lockable storage, T handles, and the newest technologies in locking mechanisms are constantly being improved on utility truck bodies. Every preventative measure should be taken to give you peace of mind when it comes to valuable cargo.
  • Organization Options - We know that easily accessing and organizing tools is important. Work truck features such as side packs for storage, well organized divided compartments, and racks for hauling ladders are organization options available with most work truck bodies. Some even come standard. There should be no restriction on usable space in your work truck.
  • Fuel Efficiency - It's no secret that fuel costs are soaring. Gas can be a major expense for you or your company. Light-weight truck bodies made from fiber composite heavy duty fiberglass with aluminum fixtures can reduce your fuel expenses. Utility bodies are being made of new materials that are just as durable as the old, with the added benefit of fuel efficiency.
  • Safety Features - Spare utility workers heavy lifting with 100% extension pull-out slides and heavy capacity drawers. Reducing risk of back and body injury also reduces costly technician downtime. Professions such as auto glass repair or construction have high risk for injury. Service body options that reduce the risk for injury are appealing in these industries that involve heavy-lifting.
  • Transferability - Slip-on work truck bodies have endless benefits for utility truck owners. Having the ability to easily move your truck body from one pickup to another eliminates downtime and increases flexibility. With models on the market such as the Load'N'Go or Durashell by Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies, you can remove your utility body fully loaded with tools and equipment and put it on another pickup truck in minutes. This 2 minute YouTube video demonstrates how. 
  • Cost Effectiveness - Everyone wants to get the most worth out of their dollar. You can maximize the value of your truck and improve your company's or your own financial health by getting a durable, reasonably priced work truck body. A good quality work truck service body will have a lifespan that outlasts three or more pickup trucks.
  • Reduced Maintenance - Work truck maintenance is costly. Durable, quality, utility truck bodies will result in decreased maintenance costs. Another benefit to having a transferable slip-on truck body.
  • Versatility - The ability to perform repairs and maintenance on all different types of equipment from the convenience of your work truck is a essential for mechanics. Equipment needs to be kept up and running to spare costly downtime. A good service body will minimize downtime and increase productivity. Having a utility body that can be removed and placed on another pickup truck gives you the versatility of a fleet without the cost.
  • Customization - The options for customizing your utility tool box are endless. Open bed trucks can be used for larger supplies while closed-top service bodies provide extra security. Multiple storage tiers can be used for longer material, and smaller compartments are customizable for unique tools and fixtures. Full length slide-out drawers are great for cargo management and reduce risk of injury. The ability to customize your work truck to your particular industry increases job efficiency.
  • Durability - Pickup trucks should be able to manage large payload, have flexible road ability, and last for extended periods of time. With the new materials available, the life span of utility truck bodies is increasing. Powder-coating is available, and often standard, for weather protection and corrosion resistance. Durable materials include 16 gauge steel or high-quality aluminum, heavy duty bed liner, and stainless steel hinges and latches. Top-of-the-line truck bodies will outlast 3-4 pickup trucks with heavy usage.

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