Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Service Truck Body of the Week

Load'N'Go TSS

The name says it all. The service truck body of the week is the Load'N'Go TSS, Tall Super Structure, by Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies. This heavy-duty service body is the largest of the Load'N'Go fleet and has tons of storage space. It's tall structure allows room for unique cargo without sacrificing security and weather protection.The TSS has two different rear door options, barn door or roll top, both pictured below. As an added benefit, the top slides back, becoming an open-top service body for unlimited storage space and access to the bed of your pickup truck.
Large Service Body for Universal Pickup Trucks
Load'N'Go TSS Barn Door
Transferable Service Body with Removable Top
                                 Load'N'Go TSS Roll-up Door

  • The Load'N'Go TSS is a universal fit for GMC, Chevy, Ford, and Ram long bed pickup trucks.
  • With this service body, you can leave your tailgate on for convenience and safety. 
  • All Load'N'Go service bodies are fully transferable with the use of lifting jacks that can tackle 2000 lbs or the standard built-in forklift tunnels. 
  • The convenience of transferability allows you to switch pickup trucks in minutes without having to unload and load your tools and cargo. 
  • T-handle and cylinder locks provide much needed security against theft and damage
  •  The 1000 lb capacity customizable drawer has a 70% extension rate, preventing injury and downtime

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